Father's Day Anker Giveaway

For those that enjoy entering social media giveaways, Anker just launched one for Father’s Day! You can enter for a chance to win the 563 Docking Station (10-in-1).

How to enter:

  1. Login to your social media, like this post and comment your Fathers Day plans! :+1:(https://static.xx.fbcdn.net/images/emoji.php/v9/t55/1.5/16/1f44d.png)

  2. Make a post dedicated to your dad with a photo or video of your dad’s tech style or a favorite memory with your dad including #AnkerFathersDay😎

1 lucky winner will receive Anker 563 USB-C Docking Station (10-in-1) 🏆
The giveaway ends on June 20th, and winners will be announced on June 21st.

I plan on entering, and hopefully you will too! And in case you are curious, the docking station isn’t even pictured on the main graphic for the giveaway… here’s a picture for those that are visual:


Because I never use such unsocial media, I will not take part as usual.

Good luck for the participants (fathers or not fathers :laughing:)

But I will publish a photo of my father! :rofl:


I don’t enter SM giveaways, but thanks for sharing.

May the best bot win, small chance a real person wins it.


May be I can convince my old father to take part.
But I am not sure one can read the runes he is still using! :rofl:

Maybe we should get community members to share their social media account so other community members can vote for each other! :rofl:

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Not a fan of SM giveaways, only entered a few in the past for Anker / Soundcore / Eufy…did get very, very lucky on Eufy…but yes most of the time its the number of friends / followers / or bots to help the winner :raised_hands:t2:


Thanks for sharing I’ll pass on this as not on a lot of social media platforms and not totally a fan of the giveaways on them but I appreciate it being shared