Fall Prime Day: Buyer's Delight?

It’s not over yet, but I want to know … what have you bought forAmazon Prime Days or what’s in your cart if you haven’t made it to check out?

I’m giving big thought to picking up a couple Anker Nano Power Banks for girlfriend gifts. Makes a great stocking stuffer, too, if you’re into that. They’re small, come in a bunch of colors and while they’re only 22.5w, they’re super handy, especially, I think, if you’re fully embracing USB-C. My fascination with this little one if fading, but I still think it’s pretty neat. And it’s only $20 with USB-C or L-port!

I’m not in the market for a new power station, but the Anker SOLIX C1000 is pretty hot right now, and not just because it’s new. [ [See it on Anker (https://www.anker.com/products/a1761) See it on Amazon My favorite feature is the solar charging. The C1000 takes 400w panels, making the purchase of our largest panel a really nice value because you could conceivable use it with other larger power stations you might already own. (Remember the F1200 and smaller will only take the 100w or 200w panel, but the C1000 would seem to indicate that we’re moving into larger panel territory with smaller devices. And in solar, bigger is better because it’s simply faster.)

There’s a ton of other Prime Day items I’m keen on. Sheets are always a big one for me because I like nice sheets and I am dedicated to weekly sheet swaps. I also think of my bed as decor, so. nice looking comforter or quilt washes easily and will be neither too warm nor too cool is key. Those staples are hard for me to pass up.

So, what’s your “Not to Be Missed” Prime Day deal?

And one more thing … we’re price-matching for 30 days, so if you buy during Prime Days and then see a better price on Amazon or Anker.com, we got you. You’ll just want to contact support@anker.com.


One of the few prime days where I haven’t picked anything up so far from Anker or Soundcore :grimacing:

Was considering the Anker Docking Station, Anker 575 USB-C Docking Station but still out of my price range for work or home use…

Didn’t pick up anything.
But a friend of mine planes to instal panels.
I told him he should take a look at ANKER’s SOLIX line.
Those things are highly demanded at the moment here in Germany.
Seems to be a real growing market.
I will not install. at the moment.
Changed my broken thermal solar system this summer.
New kettle and control unit.
This is enough for the budget.:grinning:
May in the future, because we have much space left on the roof oriented to the west.

I was very tempted by the Nano Power Banks but decided I have enough power banks. :stuck_out_tongue:

I currently do not have anything that I am getting. I spent too much doing a weekend visit to see my oldest son on a college parent weekend. I will just say a 20 and 16 boys who can put down the food.

Now I do have plans to pick up a new Powerline 2 cable with usbc/lightening attachments as my wife has claimed mine (lol).

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Sounds good! It is what I looking for!