Extending Anker PowerHouse 767 with a 12V car battery

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I am interested in the Anker PowerHouse 767. My question is: Is it possible to connect a car battery with 12V directly to the XT-60 socket and thus increase the capacity of the Powerstation? For example with a cable like the one in the picture attached.

In the FAQ is says:

Any 11-60V solar panel with an XT-60 socket can charge the 767 Power Station. If you use an 11-32V solar panel, the current supports a maximum of 10A. If you use a 32-60V solar panel, the current supports a maximum of 20A. We recommend using Anker 531 solar panels (200W) for best compatibility.

So regarding the input voltage it should be ok, i guess?

The manual states that it is possible to connect the powerstation to the car via a car charging cable. As far as I know the automobile auxiliary power outlet is wired directly to the battery in most cars (with a fuse in between). So connecting a car battery via the cable above should be the same as using the car charging cable, right?

Any thoughts and tips on this topic are welcome!
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Interesting concept… I think you may want to contact Anker support for the official word.

You may want to try to determine how long that battery will help extend it if it worked and how cost effective it would be over the long run

Probably not directly.

While the input accepts the 12V there’s a real risk the large 767 can ingest power at a higher Wattage than the 12V car battery can safely output, you may find it gets too hot.

There’s also some risk of the opposite of the 767 doesn’t have a rate limit as it’s only designed to handle a max current lower than the car battery can output.

So you’ll need to investigate if you need a resistor in the path to limit it to a safer limit.

Anker will know what is the upper safe limit and then do the maths on what resistor you’ll need.

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Expanding to OP question. How about if using a 12V DC to DC Charger from Car battery, what would be the recommended charge setting/limit through the XT60 connector? Would the same limit apply as the Solar Panels of 1000W max?