Eufylife app: amount of cholesterol seems wrong

So I am using the eufylife app with the p2 pro scale. I was entering my food intake to measure calories and noticed in the nutrition analysis that the cholesterol seems wrong. I’ve only used it for one day so I should be able to identify easily and have googled all the individual foods and not found any that can add up to the cholesterol.

So it says my total cholesterol instake is 61g. My total foods added for today are as follows:

60g oatmeal
190g whole milk
50g peanut butter
300g Chicken breast
23g dates
96g low fat milk

Is there an issue with the app/food nutrition it has included ?

Do not count calories but if you have not done it, you should put the data back in there to make sure that you did not miss key the information into the app.

If you are comparing the amounts , you may want to make sure you are converting all food values to the same grams and not leaving it at a different metric value.

If you look up say chicken and it says 1 mg per 1g of chicken then the 300 g of chicken is .3 g for cholesterol and not 300 g (but it would be 300 mg).

Plus we do not have enough info to really determine anything such as what you thought it should be for example.

I never count calories,
I even dont count beers.
Why should one do that? :smile:

At last one will get a true slave of such an app.:grin:

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