Eufycam Solo Pro keeps disconnecting from network and drains battery

I have two Eufycam Solo Pro less than one year still under warranty and didn’t notice any problem until lately the one placed at balcony keeps disconnecting from network and drains battery completely in one day. The other one at backyard doesn’t have the issue. I thought it’s product issue and asked replacement from Eufy and kindly received a new one but realised that new one has same issue as long as I place it at balcony. There is no change of my home WiFi network or any other changes related to. I can’t figure out the reason why the cam keeps dropping from network which causing battery draining fast. Any insight from other users?

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Watching this post, my backyard camera is now on its 3rd charge in a week. The cam disconnects at night.

I have that same problem some sales man came by my house to sell security cameras and my son told him we were good then when he left he looked up at the camra above the garage smiles and then the camera went out now it keeps losing wifi connection and yet my camera in the backyard is fine how can I fix this problem