Eufycam - notification issue

Having the same issues, Doorbell will not go wo any of our Alexa devices… or my phone Huawei P40. press the doorbell, nothing, walk in front, nothing… this is for both our doorbell and our Cam E pro’s… very disappointed.

Same issue here.
Come on Eufy please solve this problem.
Otherwise its an useless security system.

Eufy, can you please advise on the solution? Things were fine last week but notifications went dead this week. In that time I had some very unsavory characters on my property and the footage wasn’t clear enough for me to identify them. Had there been a notification, I could have dealt with the individuals.

EUFY ! Please help us ! MY Eufy cam 2 quits recording and giving notifications . No problem viewing live . Must constantly reboot camera is only about 25 feet from home-base which is connected by Ethernet . come on guys make this work TX Eldoguy

Wish I had seen this list of problems before I purchased the Battery Doorbell and found that I receive no notifications to my Android 10 phone, Eufy is there a fix we can expect to see soon or do I have to return the whole lot for a refund?

Same boat here. Have to return all of these. OMG…
Come on,eufy! Get things done!

I have the sams Problem.

A Eufy Homebase2 with four Eufy Cam2c (installed outdoor) and five Eufy IndoorCams2c.

Over Months everything works fine. But since over a couple of weeks THE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS TO MY IPHONE WENT COMPLETLY DOWN.

Every Movement is correctly detected from the cams and listet in the app. But i get no push.

All seetings are correct. All push options are activated and enabled in the phone and in the app settings…but nothing happens.


All the „standard“ answers from support like „have you enabled push in the iphone settings etc“ is not enough!

WE NEED A SOLUTION!!! I‘ve spent much Money in this whole System!

I have exactly the same problem…thought it was me.
Everything is working fine bar the notification alerts.
Come on solve the problem and give your customers support.
Perhaps some one star review on Amazon will help!

Hi all,

same here. Notifications stops working after a (random) time. Device: Huawei P30 Pro.

Please help to fix it.

thank you.

I also shave teh same exact problem… I just spent about $1000 for these 6 cameras, doorbell, adn homebase 2, and without the notifications it is all WORTHLESS!!!
if I wanted a cheap ass DVR camera system I would have gone to harbor freight… but I went with EUFY and I am regretting my choice…

I’ll bet RING sends notices properly!!!

EUFY customer service… I know you are out there somewhere… please respond…
EUFY developers, fix this annoying issue…

I’m about to call you guys up and demand that you take back all this crap and refund my money… it is useless without notifications…

yes, in case you cannot guess, I’m a bit angry about this… looks like this problem has been going on for almost a year now!!!

Mike B

I also have the same problem. Have the Doorbell, homebase 2 and some cameras. Everything worked until some days ago. Now, there are no notifications, not even for the ring the bell event. Seeing this problem has almost a year now, I’m considering requesting a full refund as, like this, it’s as good as having nothing.
Does the customer service see these posts?

Mysteriously, after several re boots repairing and cleaning storage my camera started to function normally ! Ive added another camera in the alley which is some distance from the home base and it has functioned properly from day one ? Ive noticed that it uses much less power than the one in the front even though it has at least 20 events a day recorded if not more and was installed beginning of December its currently at 66 %. the other camera which I charged 3 days ago is at 41%

Hi, I think I just solved the problem if you are an android user. Go to Settings > apps > top right corner with the 3 dots/lines > show system apps > look for badgeprovider > open it clear data > restart phone.

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eufy Support - what good having the Community Wiki if you are not reading it; if you are reading it, why aren’t you answering the Notification issue that all of us having problems with?
Are you in business for the short term? because if you are for the long-term, you are not doing well so far, so please get with it and send an update ASAP to correct this issue ONCE-and-FOR ALL.

Same problem here. Installed Home base, wireless doorbell, a Camera 2 Pro outside, and an indoor camera a couple of days ago. Everything worked flawlessly. Added my husband, everything worked flawlessly for HIM, but now my phone won’t notify me at all. I’ve uninstalled, rebooted, and re-installed several times, checked every notification setting, power-saving setting, background use setting.
I’m 50% deaf so I have a problem hearing the doorbell in the other room. I NEED THE DARN PHONE NOTIFICATIONS TO WORK.
And what about when we are not at home? We need to know if someone is breaking into our house.
IFTTT was also apparently promised, but never delivered.
I am extraordinarily technically adept but this is something I can’t fix.
I think I want to return this system, bite the bullet and go with a different manufacturer. Maybe one who pays attention to known issues.

Somehow - by doing a combination of ALL the things in this thread, I have resolved the issue.
Unfortunately I couldn’t tell you which individual action resolved it.
Thank you to everyone who posted suggestions.

In Android:

Go to Settings
Apps and notifications
Show all apps
Go to EufySecurity
Stop the app
Erase data
Erase cache
Start the app

Some permissions will be asked again

This solved my problems. Notifications work again.

Same complaint of no notifications after a few weeks of working properly since intial install.
Went to app as outlined in previous post, cleared data only. Had to log back into app and okay permissions again. Notifications started working again immediately.

Update: Next day had the same issue. It worked for most the morning then just quit. Cleared data again and it started working.

Final Update: Discovered that clearing all data wasn’t necessary. Simply clearing old notifications is all that is needed to start getting new notifications again.

I contacted customer service via their live chat and explained the issue. Their response was that it is not an issue with their app, but a limitation of the individual owner’s phone. Mine (Samsung S8 Android) reaches its limit at 49 notifications. It will not send new notifications until some are cleared from the drop down notification menu. It seems odd that no other app that I commonly use has this same limitation. Until Anker/Eufy owns this issue and makes a fix we will need to clear our notifications out frequently.