EufyCam - Changing Wifi Channel

As someone who loves to finetune how things work. I started a Wireless Analyzer against all the Wifi networks I had installed and of course, EufyCam/Homebase is sitting on a channel that is smack in the middle of my neighbours Wifi Channels.

Is there a way for me to change the 2.4Ghz channel that Eufy is using so I can move it to a less congested Wifi band?


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Hi @laugher there is no way to alter the 2.4Ghz channel which the EufyCam runs on (outside of a new firmware) to my knowledge, the next best thing you could do would be to setup a new SSID locked to the specific channel you are wanting to use and then setup the EufyCam’s to use the newly created SSID.

@ndalby - I understand there is a Wifi setup for the homebase which I can then select my own home wifi SSID as a fallback to the wired ethernet but…

Where would I tell the homebase/cameras to connect use a specific SSID for their own (homebase to camera and vice versa) communications?

Just to be clear, I’m not having a conflict with my own SSID. I’m having issues with the neighbours Wifi which I have no control over.

Seeing its locked into the firmware, where can I suggest a feature to have a configuration under Homebase to allow us to configure the 2.4Ghz channel which EufyCam/Homebase uses?

If you change the Frequency (Channel) of your Homenetwork (Router setup) then the Homebase 2 will follow to the same Channel. There is at the moment no way to change the Wifi Channel in the Homebase 2. Problem is that the Homebase (Hidden network) uses the same Wifi Channel as your Home network ( Some Interference).

Change the channel at the router (2,4 ghz) you may find one which is not so “occupied” from others via WIFI-sniffers.
Here in Europe we got 1-13.

(I use 13 will be the next lever I may reach! :rofl:)
Often default router setting is 1.

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Actually no, it does not ‘follow to use the same channel’, it picks one it assumes it should. Besides, look at the netgear arlo forums for this feature, because with arlo this was an issue, and the myth that the same channel is the best channel has been debunked ages ago. A free unused channel is always best. It’s strange that this can not be set. For us too it interferes with neighbors wifi, and therefore our eufy cam reach is severely limited and slower than it could be when we could simply set the channel the homebase uses manually. How hard can it be? It’s in the cheapest of routers. Again:
Offer an Advanced settings tab, so we know where to look for this.

I just setup EUFY homebase and my home wifi network suddenly became slower. I realised that’s because Eufy homebase started broadcasting on the same channel - crazy! How come there’s no setting for channel, it seems to be very random on each reboot a new channel is selected. No logic, no reason, just bang, let’s take over the air. Crazy. How can I submit a bug report / enhancement request?

Go to the above and email Eufy.

I’d say older products have little chance of feature change, so you’re more input to future product strategy.

In the meantime, change what you can, make your Wifi auto negotiate so it works around Eufy. Reduce your own causes of interference by moving as much of your under control Wifi to 5Ghz. Ensure your Wifi has separate 5Ghz SSID and then to go all your devices and see if they see the 5Ghz SSID and if so then forget their 2.4Ghz connection. That will reduce total overall congestion and improve everything.

I’d like to resurrect this thread. I have the same problem in Australia and returned 1 camera unit as defective before conducting a Wifi Analyser check.


  • I bought a 4 x Cam 2 Pro 2K + Homebase 2 bundle, and installed them all.
  • 1 of the cameras kept having poor network latency and dropping out.
  • Returned it back. JB Hifi (local retailer) were very obliging.
  • Installed new one and had the same problem.
  • Conducted a wifi analysis and saw there were multiple 2.4Ghz operating on Channel 6, which was causing this congestion.

To Eufy Support, I’ve also posted on your forum via the app, requesting consideration to implement a feature where we can tell set the Homebase 2 and/or camera to use a specific wifi channel. This would reduce situations where people keep returning you cameras/units where they believe it’s faulty, but all it takes is to change the wifi channel to a less congested one.