eufyCam base station is displaying the correct time, however camera time stamp is incorrect

hi all, looking at my eufyCam base station via the app (time settings), the correct time is displayed. However when I connect to the different cameras the time is incorrect.

I have attempted restarting the base station. without success.

In the Events screen - clips have the correct time (according to my phone (iphone) and the recorded base station time) however when viewing the clip them selves the timestamp is incorrect.

EG: Front Door - event stamp 2019-09-18 06:54am, video stamp 2019 Sep 17 08:54:14 PM

@Consto Have you tried turning just the camera’s on / off after the homebase restart to see if the timestamp corrects itself? Changing the timezone temporarily has also been known to resolve / force an update…

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Hello @Consto Sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused by the time display! As for this issue, we’d like to recommend you to set the timezone at any one like (GMT+08:00) Beijing firstly, then reset it to the right timezone you sit and reboot the Homebase to see whether it functions normally (Step: slide the left menu and go to My Device>Homebase Name>Time Zone for timezone setting). Could you please have a try and observe for some time whether it works?

If the issue still persists, could you please try contacting us via and provide us with the related device info? Our support staff will forward your issue to our engineer team for a further analysis and checking. Again sincerely apologize for all inconvenience caused and thanks so much for your valuable time!

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I have the same problem with this issue. I tested most of the timestamps are correct, however, when I set it back to New Zealand, Auckland. The timestamp is still incorrect.

Hi Jane. I just got my system up and running (very happy with it overall) and noticed my cameras are timestamped 24 hours behind (today is the 30th but my cameras are showing the 29th). Have you had any luck? Ive tried the reset suggested above but to no avail

same problem here,
Israel time.

I just got a Eufy Cam 2C with Homebase 2 and set it up and saw the same problem.

The Homebase 2 was showing the correct Timezone and time but the time-stamp on the Eufy Cam 2C video was slow by 2 hours. I tried resetting the Eufy Cam 2C (pressing the Sync button quickly 5 times) but the time was still 2 hours behind. Then I changed the timezone on the Homebase 2 to a different timezone, saved the settings, and then change the time-zone back and saved the seting. The Eufy Cam 2C then showed the correct time (no longer 2 hrs slow).

Hope this helps with your problem.

I know this is an old thread but I have the same issue. Is there a fix?

Following this as I have the same problem. The time was fine but just noticed today it’s an hour ahead. Setting is right in the Homebase settings but timestamp on the live camera is an hour ahead.

home base time will be based on your time zone you already setup on the home base, however camera has to be switched off and then switched on every few days to correct its time based on home base,
if you switching off then switch on the camera, you will have the time always updated.