Eufycam - Audio Problems/Optimization

Is there any way of optimizing the audio, I’m finding it very hard to hear/understand voices, as it is mixed with a lot of wind noise, even on a relatively calm day.

Also, is there an good app that I can play the video through that will take out the wind noise and clean up voices

Can you post a video example of this? We can see, on our end if the amount is normal or not.

As a side note, you’ll find that most microphones will pick up wind noise, especially if there is a lot of it.

Or you can try another way, you can turn on the live view, then you will find a speaker underneath, you could turn off the speaker and see if it solved your problem.

Can i send it to you rather than post the video?

You could post video link in this thread or sent to my private message. Also, Have you try the way which I mentioned?

I have the speaker turned off on Live View anyway, I was a bit scared that if i turned it on people would hear me out of my camera, is that right or only if you push the microphone

This is only if you push the microphone!

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What is your private message so I can send the video

Click on the name @AnkerSupport and you will see the message box at the top. Click that to send them a message

It would’ve been nice if you’d posted fixes, since the problem still persists in 2024. Unless the person is a foot away from the camera, the wind interferes with the clarity of the audio.