Eufycam 2K Indoor Pan & Tilt. Record on Homebase possible?

I have a Eufycam 2K Indoor Pan & Tilt which needs a SD card for recording. Is it not possible to record the clips on the homebase? It works with the Doorbell so it should also be possible with the camera. Or am I missing something?

Unfortunately the pan and Tilt cameras are not compatible with the homebase 1 or 2. We hope that with the future release of homebase 3 that this feature will be possible, but for now it is not.

I wish Anker is going to step up this products to a more rewarding and usefull product.
As i found so many issues and problems with the products
The camera is sold as a 2k cam while it can do that it is way too limited as it only works on a freaking SD card to be inserted and when you do have a super SD card it actually can not format them. I really do not get why it is not simply working with all SD cards as they are growing in sizes as well. You can find SD cards up to 2 TB but it will keep growing.
Do not get me wrong i do see it is not a bad product but way too limited.
There should not be a limit on a 2K cam when it stores onto a local NAS as it is almost as fast as a freaking local harddisk.
Anyway the pan-tilt cam is a funny thing following me all where i move to, and people have a laugh how it tracks them as well.
It has still some impressive things build in, for instance the fact that it absolute works perfect when it needs to detect only humans. It has not failed once even when we tried to fool it with an image of a human …
I think for most people its enough but the probelm still is, law enforcement can not use the 1k recordings at all. I actually can proof that its not good enough.
When i made a constant recording of myself moving around the recordings are blurry and shocky at the distance i am sitting from the CAM at about 5 to 6 metre distance.
So i showed a friend working in law enforcement these recordings and he saw instant that they are useless if you need it for proof.
Anyway it also can not be added to the homebases, and i really do not understand that the company did not make it possible to expand the storage of the homebases as well.
As you sometimes want to keep some memories or special recordings for a longer time.
Now i admit even in the more expenssive models of security toys its in most cases does have issues often, or can not do what you want.
But its in my view a missed chance to make eufy one of the most versatile ones on the market and not limited in household uses.
As security cams will be a massive market rather sooner than later, i had to take it because many times i noticed that people try to keep you busy at the front door and its fellow criminals are entering your home in the back.
As i was alone and my dead sick wife could not do anything at all we found us between 3 persons which made it a dangerous situation.
The fact that i kinda was not scared at all, they changed instant their atitude but i am sure if a less strong man would have be in the situation they would have used force or worse.
So basically since the our country is in the EU, these events happen more and more.
Eufy does not have to be the cheapest if you make it a system with easy switching and expanding.
Cloud storage is for home users often way too slow and even for many small companies, but it depends on the user if that is enough or not.
Buying pro gear often makes it way too complex and difficult for most and worse very expenssive.

Do you plan on keeping your Eufy cams or are you going to return them and g with a different brand?

I kinda think about returning the indoor pan and tilt one.
The video bell works but the step to being into a forced cloud product like apple or ring is not what i want as well.
We are so darn limited in the choices we can make most other brands do not even have these options or are not even able to send you info on your phone
The only possible solutions we have are buying fixed pro devices which can only work in home or are so expenssive that its not worth looking at.
I have been looking to many other solutions but it is all the same problems or limits
Most work with the same limitations or your forced to use some brand related strorage solution which often have only 30 day storage. That is not very handy in case you want to keep recordings for all thinkable reasons. And again for proof the recordings and images have to be 2k or higher quality else they are really not usable or accepted.
Especially if the distance is further it really needs quickly 4k for that purpose.
So eufy products are kinda useless if you need them for these situations, switching to real security cams is in my situation not really an option either as i am planning to move to another house in the near future. So spending alot on security is not a wise choice to make with that in mind.
I also have been looking at the larger models of eufy cams but those are not really much better and i would have a huge struggle to get them mounted in the house, i found the concrete is so insane hard that a household heavy dril is not able to make a hole in this heavy steel enforced walls/ceilings.
I have hired a specialist who actually gave up as well to get a hole in this insane strong material, he said its going to make so much more damage which would cost more to repair than i would like. So that ended pretty soon as well.
For me it is kinda needed that if something happens, you can give the images to the law enforcers and insurance companies as proof. In a previous situation some workers stole my book collection of dick bos which is a pretty expenssive collection. It ended in a debacle between not able to proof that for the police and insurance, result no payout.
As i had them since my youth, getting them back is almost impossible as they are now very expenssive collectors items.

I have a couple of “security cameras” at home. They are not Eufy, but they work ok for the most part. They are not subscription based since you can use their limited but free service or you can pop a SD card in and do continuous recording.
I’d recommend you to keep looking since they are a few other options out there :+1:

Sadly found no solution which is good enough
But today i actually tried to see of there had been some changes after the app on IOS was updated
Now i tried to see why the pan tilt camera does not warn when it see detections
But it turns out everything is messed up after the update of the app
When i select the pan and tilt cam the doorbell shows its movies taken when it detected motion
All the recordings which run 24 hours on the pan & tilt are gone and something really weird happened also
Most recordings look now like it has been hit by a bus, all images shaked, especially if the cam moves itself all images are blurred.
The only way to look at the images and recordings is when i go to my nas and look at them there, no more warnings that something was detected at all.
Again the movies made from the doorbell now show up as it is made with the pan&tilt cam
Everything seems garbled and messed up, so no more detections from the pan& tilt but they show up also as being the pan& tilt
I do not know what they did with the update but it sure messed up the detection mechanics
At first i had the idea that my guests had done something with it, but i could not view the recordings as they all are totally worthless and shaky weird images.
So i have no clue what has happened fact is all is messed up now.
The cam still works a bit but i have to go on my pc to see what it found or shows and if i am lucky it shows non shaking movies and images.
It is no longer working as it should, so am going to figure out who i bought it from and send it back.
Maybe then i can fix the doorbell again to show it on its own part in the app, as i do not expect eufy will help at all.
This far they never did help much other than telling me they did not know either.