Eufycam 2C no Google Home support?!

I purchased the eufyCam 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System setup and have it setup in my Google Home app. In the app it says that I need a Google screen to view it on so I am in the process of finding a Google Home Hub to try this out when I cam across this thread. I see people mention the HomeKit - I’m not sure if this is the same as what i have but from what I’ve seen, there is nothing to suggest that my camera will not work with a hub. SO I’m going to go ahead and get one but wanted to comment here so i could be updated with any news, in case it doesn’t work.

If it turns out not to work then the whole lot (4 camera, home station and hub) will be going back to Amazon for a full refund for mis-selling.

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From Eufy today FINALLY !!

We are sorry to say the issue on the Anker community page has not been resolved.
The 2C still can’t get Google Home support for streaming the video feed to Chromecast enabled devices.

Our back-end team is still working on it. Hope we can make it in the near future. The voice of our customers helps shape our future products. We will try our best to make things better.

Well thanks for letting us here in the community know Eufy !!
For a big company, taking 6 months to respond to a known issue … is Hopeless !

To be clear, The Eufy Camera (in my case Doorbell) will NOT display on Google home hub devices until Eufy fixes the problem from their end !

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Same problem here too , bought the 2c and not streaming on phone or nest hub, so disappointed and going to return it within returns period if this doesn’t change. google nest hub not working with eufycam 2c at the moment even though some confusing info seems to say it should. please make this work. thank you

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is google home stream view/camera view working with the hd version at least? or is it not working with eufycam at all regardless of the model? thanks

the crazy part it’s actually just started working now without doing anything !!!

works on lenovo smart display 7, google nest hub max, google nest but there’s a lot of buffering but it works all of a sudden with some delay ! actually too much buffering to be usable…but it shows the image occasionally…

Actually it is hit or miss. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. So the bugs are still there so Eufy needs to improve the dependability of accessing the Eufy cams via Google assistant/Google nest hub.

Here is more info on Eufy and Google Home streaming. It sort of works on my google nest hub and my big screen TV with google TV. However there is currently a 20sec delay on the so call “live” stream you are watching. I don’t even understand what is the reason for the video 20sec delay. 20sec delay might only happen if the stream first goes out of my house on the internet somewhere and then comes back in (instead of a direct feed from the camera). Anyone have any ideas? In any case, last night I was not able to stream to anything via google home, and today everything “works” with the above issues. IMO the 20sec delay makes this unuseable in wanting to see a live feed of your cameras. 1-2sec I can understand. But 20sec? BTW, I’m not talking how long the feed takes to show up. I’m talking AFTER the feed shows up it is a feed of what happened 20sec ago.

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Are there any updates on this yet as I am having the same issue but with another camera as described in my thread here?


There is a Eufy security focused community, I suspect if you want to get their attention then take it their specific forum.

Make sure you also open a ticket via email, even if someone else has already, that is often the best way to get attention as they track quantity and time til customer happiness with tickets.

There’s little benefit in posting here for other than self-help, a workaround fellow owners may know, this isn’t really an official support type place.

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I was able to make mine work by creating a routine on Google assistant. Type the phrase you want to trigger the action and on the action box create “show (camera name) on (device name)”
But yes, 10 to 15 seconds delay

Same problem here. EufyCam does not work with Google Home Hub. Works fine with HomeKit.

FWIW, Google nest does not list Anker or EufySecurity cameras as compatible with the best hub.

I’m extremely disappointed.

Purchased a Eufy doorbell under the impression that it’ll work with Google Hub. Device added but doesn’t stream. Major sads now.

I also bought this, setup was really easy. also connection in Google Home was. Devices are on latest firmware but also I still get the text Smart Home Camera and no audio instead of the live footage of the camera…

Please let me know how I can get Eufy 2C to work with Google Home.
Devices are on the latest firm ware.

Bought this as it is advertised to work with Google Home.

I’'ve just bought Eufycam 2c’s, under the impression It is possible to stream to an Nest Hub.
Sometimes I get the video, bus most of the time it 's just the standard message: Smart Home Camera.
Will this be solved, or do I have to return these camera’s back to the shop ?

Contact support :+1:

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Hello, did you get this solved? My Google Nest Hub does the same thing.

I haven’t actually solved it.
But when I try the command for the second time, after stopping the first command, it is working.
I don’t know why, but it works :wink: !

Is there any update to this I just got eufy camera in the last few days I can connect to nest hub but only if it’s not connected to homekit if I knew thus I wouldn’t have bought it