Eufy Video Doorbell streaming to Google Chromecast

Not sure if this is possible right now, but it would be great if there is a way to live-stream the Eufy Video Doorbell to Google Chromecast.

Would be even better if there is more integration with Google Home Mini, for example:

“Hey Google, show me [doorbell name].”

And then the TV shows the live-stream with Audio on the big TV screen!

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I can stream my doorbell and cameras to my google hub.

Does the Eufy Video Doorbell only work with Google Hub? Does it work with Google Chromecast and Google Home Mini?

@Red_iPad looks like you have at least 3 threads which are more or less on same topic - Eufy Security and Stream to Chromecast , this and plus below 2. May be include all all in a single post

Ability to cast live streaming from Eufy Video Doorbell to Google Chromecast via Eufy Security App

It does work with Google Assistant and it could be a smart hum/display or Nest mini it should show up on the connected display.
In your case, you should have the Mini and ChromeCast connected, and when you say “Hey Google, show my Doorbell” it should show up on your TV.
The same goes for Alexa echo system.

@Techman, @Tech_Man have you tried that?


I have not

Is there any documentation on how to set Eufy Video Doorbell with Google Assistant to integrate Google Chromecast and Google Home Mini?

After some research, I found this:

Not sure if it works with Eufy Video Doorbell and Google Chromecast / Google Home Mini.

Has anyone tried?

It should be similar to the link you posted for Google Nest, but more specific instructions are available.

  1. Launch eufySecurity App on your phone
  2. Click on Menu (Top Left corner in the app)
  3. Go to Settings -->Smart Integrations
  4. Select Google Assistant
  5. Follow instructions provided

Hope this will help!

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You’re amazing! It works! I got it streaming on my Google Chromecast via voice command from my Google Home Mini!


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It works for me with alexa.

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The following integration works. I have tested it.

  • Eufy Video Doorbell
  • Google Assistant
  • Google Chromecast
  • Google Home Mini


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Glad it worked !!

Do you mean when the door bell is rang, chimes comes out from your mini?

My Chromecast turns on with the command, but then shows an error message that the camera feed is not available?

It also shows an error message in the Google Home app if try to view it there.

How can I get it to work? Thanks

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I have the same problem. Did you ever get it figured out?