Eufy vacuums biggest problem for owners - replacement parts

I have been in love with the brand since the very begginning. I have owned several Anker products so when I saw that they will be venture in the home space I was more than excited.

I am the proud owner of a Eufy RoboVac 11+ (Second Generation), and no issues to report regarding the vacuum itself, but as other have mentioned over the forum, getting replacement parts after a couple of years is quite the adventure.

I recently tried to purchase a replacement parts set for my robovac, unfortunately as the product is discontinued from Eufy the kit listed is not compatible (which is unbelieve, as the parts are just a bit smaller that the original the rest is the same).

I am quite surprised that Anker/Eufy does not have an upgrade program for their vacuums. Where you can get a discount if you give back your old vacuum.


You should write a email to the support.
I see a lot of replacements for the 11S, but you mentioned these are not compatible with the 11+.
I know there are two types of the middle brush.
I took a look at amazon there are parts fitting for the 11 and the
Ecovacs Deebot N79 N79s

I’d say it’s good to raise the visibility of this so potential owners can factor this into a purchase decision.

Post purchase there is more profit in causing a new item purchased than a repair. So I don’t think you’ll be seeing spares.

Also Eufy like most things Anker is releasing a large rapid diversity of similar products which means they would be causing for themselves s logistical issue keeping spares for all the models.

We’ve been saying for some time here they should release fewer and more differentiated products and spares for common failures and losses. The lost Soundcore earbud coming up often.

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I got the replacement motor for the left side brush without any problems.
But there are now so many different models on the market for a costumer
its nearly impossible to get a 100% fitting replacement.


I’ve had to repair parts from my washing machine and I was able to purchase new parts on FixPart. I’ve seen parts and accessories for different vacuum brands so I think you could find the parts you need on there.

I might be a little late, but I hope this helps.

Good luck!

I can vouch for this because I’ve had to repair my Bosch vacuum cleaner as well as my Proline oven. I live in the UK where FixPart is also active and I was happy with the quality of their items. I ordered replica parts instead of original because they were cheaper, but they are just as good as the original parts.

As far you are able to do this by your own its fine.
In the past I ordered brushes for my toothbrush from somewhere.
Full junk.
Will never do that.
If one saves money at the wrong side one pays double.
That’s my grandma said.

i refurbish/recondition mainly EUFY 11s 15c 25c 30 30c and 35c and all parts like brushes, motors, gears and so-on are available online either on TEMU, ALIEXPRESS or EBAY and the only part that is very difficult to buy and find are the MOTHERBOARDS, and to get around this I buy EUFY’s for parts and reuse what i can and other then motherboards i have a huge inventory of parts for the models listed above. if anyone here has any EUFY motherboards they want to sell please contact me.