Eufy superbowl giveaway

It looks to be a giveaway on the social media platforms only…

2 devices one for a random winning pick and one for a random losing pic.

I guess you could call that a win-win scenario. :rofl:

Good luck if you want to try it.


So let do their job on these unsocial media.
I will not care about those giveaway and I know nothing about that superbowl.
This is for USA only.
We have still our other fun here.
Now caring about @Fuu_bar 's syrup factory! :grin:


I do understand but it was just a courtesy post for anybody that wanted to do it.

I usually limit my unsocial media time most days.

I only saw this in my security app when I was reviewing a few instances (my internet company is having some inconsistent internet in my area and I am located in a mostly dead mobile phone area as well). as I can not say if they are new or not.

Have been using my eufy robovac when we can catch a good day of wifi…

I have not named the vacuum yet.

Old Willy doesn’t need any WIFI.
Old Willy works even in a total dead spot.
Old Willy is self-sufficient.
Old Willy is absolutely the BEST! :rofl: