Eufy smoke alarm

Hi @AnkerOfficial

Are you guys thinking of adding the smoke alarm like ‘nest protect’ to your portfolio?



Would love these. I have a couple Nest Protect smoke alarms/ CO monitoring.

They are absolutely fantastic! Could use a couple more and would love some Eufy ones.

They have so much potential for integration.

If smoke is detected, change Eufy bulbs Red and record video on my EufyCam. Love it!


I love my nest protects. The white halo light for when I am walking by at night is a nice feature, as well as seeing the green halo when the lights get turned off so I know it is working. Plus the notifications being sent to my phone if something were to happen gives me a nice piece of mind when my dog is home alone.


This feature looks more interesting if Eufy can integrate it into the EufyCams or Robovacs,


It would need to be an optical fibre alarm.

Older style go off when a kettle boils, or toast too dark :wink:

With optical fibre alarms, it’s by thickness n heat of the smoke.
A quick guide to the difference.

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I am with you on this @PJ77 I have the NEST Protect and a NEST Thermostat. I love these… I am looking at adding some eufycams because i really like the 2K doorbell so more smoke detectors would be awesome.

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Could work but most people Allready have smoke alarms but clever idea

Old topic, but was googling it, there is no old and new style.

Problem with heat detectors is that the coverage is way less, and they only detect heat.

Like you mention in the kitchen, or in you’re car parking garage they are real handy for not getting false alarm. But not in normal rooms.

Most people die from smoke and not by the actual heat from the fire.

They die from CO.
Doesn’t smell and it is invisible.

I think there are many detectors on the market for reasonable prices.

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I have Nest and Nest Protects. I would love to transition to a eufy smoke detector and thermostat and get away from Google completely. Their thermostats, while convenient, don’t work for our home in learn mode and they switch to eco randomly. Nest Protects are ok, but do occasionally have false alarms.