Eufy Security Product Users - Eufy Security Community looking for Moderators!

Eufy Security Community is looking for Moderators!!

May be some of you have these products and a great opportunity if you want to get into the shoes of a moderator, check it out below


May be I would, but I Never got my hands on any of those products.
But there are many others, but I don’t know if they are all “well-disposed” :grinning:

guess what, might be you are better suited, if selected, you would have exclusive access to all of eufy security products, if you are interested

Should I really do this in my old days?
I am afraid my equipment is not so up to date.

I am an old man -> got some old hardware,!
But both are working properly!:rofl:


Age is a number, you still sound quite young to me, but respect your thoughts around it!

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My participation here keeps me young!
I love it!


I can moderate an “EUFY robovVac forum”.
I know about a lot meanwhile.
And you and Paul will be my cooperators! :rofl:

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I think you are champion on Robovacs :slight_smile: … most responses on robovac on Anker community

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I check all questions about Robovacs at frequently.
I give all answers I am able to.

Btw: “Old Willy” got a new middle brush.
He is so proud of it :joy:

Greetings to all other members of our “Robovac family”.
Mary, Rosie (new) , Duchess (ladies first) and Astroboy!

Hope I didn’t forget one.

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Astroboy greets all his family members Willy, Mary, Duchess, Rosie :slight_smile:

I think we may be missing one more, cannot recollect which one

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Greetings from Duchess to Willy and congrats for the new “Middle brush” :heart_eyes:
Duchess is going strong with no complains as of now.

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Bit skeptical on this…unless it’s a loan or online thing, some of the Eufy products are far from cheap…

It needs to be someone interested in the topic as you need to be a sufficiently attending member to swiftly handle moderator roles.

I’m a moderator in a forum I’m interested in.

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@ndalby It is what is mentioned on the post, updated my post with actual content from eufy security post.

@professor agree with this, … dont have any eufy security product in use nor do I have a keen interest in video security , so I will be sitting out

Yes I read it…still skeptical though…

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I think that if you are finding the moderator post on this forum (as opposed to finding it on the eufy forum first), then being a moderator there probably isn’t the best position for you :wink:.

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The Eufy security community is quiet as all the questions are coming here. Not particularly structured.

No slandering competitors. So not bots or multiple fake accounts. How do you tell?

there seems to be a lot of activity when the eufy servers go down and products are not accessible over the app / those show offline. also they have notes (simlar to Soundcore-- thanks to @Duane_Lester was not aware of this earlier )… but dont know what we do with those :smiley:

posted something on getting a status page for eufy services

I’m interested in eufy security products but it depends on what they are looking for in a mod role and also how much time you can dedicate to the forum on a daily basis.
@ndalby @professor @Techman you guys are mods in your interested forums I believe. How do you feel about your roles? Is it exhaustive in nature or is it fun and you like what you are doing? finally, how much time you typically spend there?

I spend quite a bit of time on the soundcore forum, but I’m not required to spend any time there. I just enjoy being on the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

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