Eufy Security Alarm System—Your One-Stop Solution for a Safe and Secure Home


We’re proud to announce the arrival of our brand new eufy Security Alarm System. Everything you need to protect your family and home can be found in this one convenient package, including HomeBase, a keypad, 2 entry sensors, and a motion sensor.

Install in minutes all by yourself. The motion and entry sensors will alert you when an intruder is detected, either by sounding HomeBase’s alarm or sending you a notification via the eufy Security App.

All components feature long-life batteries, and the entire system links with eufyCam 2/2C so you can continue to expand your home security. What’s more, there are no hidden fees or costs.


Zigbee protocol?

Seems like a decent price.
How does it work? Where is the siren?
What’s the point of the Homebase? I get it with the camera systems as it stores the footage.

Can you by the keypads, door sensors and motion sensors separately if you already have a Homebase?

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Thought the price would be higher but glad to see I was wrong. I think it will sell really good

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Option for cellular? Because most devices that work via the HomeBase create their own network, and doesnt actually communicate via wifi…does the system work locally when wifi goes out?(meaning the base station siren if youre still home).

Option for professional monitoring?(i understand one of the BIGGEST appeals for Eufy is the NO subscription cost, but when youre talking about an Alarm system, I think it would be smart to offer it as an add-on for those that want it).

How many window/door/motion sensors per HomeBase 2?

How many window/door/motion sensors + cameras per HomeBase 2?

These are important questions. I absolutely love everything about Eufy, and recommend it to everyone…and im most people I know’s go-to since I work in the field…But there should be more info available about a brand new release.

Looking forward to answers and clarification. I know I will 100% be buying one for my parents and they will cancel their Guardian service if this is up to snuff. They want out of the expensive monthly cost, but for example Ring charges only $10/mo for monitoring…Eufy should offer/do the same, especially since Eufy is superior in every way.

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Kinda crazy that the eufy video doorbell is the same price as all of this 0_0

Great start. Would love to see cellular and monitoring plans for a true Ring replacement (hopefully)

Thought the price would be higher for what you’re getting it’s super cheap so I think that’s a great deal

Nice price point, any chance to get the HomeKit for this??
@AnkerOfficial The cheap $30 indoor cams are getting HomeKit, why not a “Security System” will get that?? :thinking:

Integrations would be great but this also looks like an easy solution to recommend to other people in my family who dont want to tinker.

How about pets? Dog around 40kg

The link does’t want to open for me.

I feel sad about the brand that I love and that protects my home, simply because the products are never available in Europe. the best products of the brand are only available in the USA, we Europeans do not have the opportunity.


I thought they were expanding to Europe

already has something but very little, especially there are vacuum cleaners and some security camera.

Yea they need to bring more products to you guys

Can’t wait for the Indoor Cams to come out here.


I bet once they bring their other products to you guys they will report good sales :+1:

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You know i think they will @ikari04warrior
I would be interested in the IndoorCam but recently bought a couple of TP Link standalone cameras as they were so cheap.
If i knew when Eufys were coming out I would have waited.

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How much did you pay for those cameras?

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