Eufy Robovac L60 loses its way

For the first week “Todd” worked like a champ. I loved that I could divide the map into rooms and tell him via the app to go clean just the den, for example. For that week he would make a beeline to the den, clean, then return to base quickly.

Today he wandered around the kitchen even after saying he successfully “calibrated”, even running directly into the fridge. When I physically moved him to the den he cleaned it perfectly, but when he set off for the base he ended up going the other direction and spinning in circles telling me to clear room around the base. He was in a different part of the house. So I carried him over by the base and it took him 10 minutes of effort to dock. Later in the day, the same thing. He seems to have forgotten where his base is and has no clue what the house looks like anymore.

So Todd has defintely lost his mind. Is there an easy fix to this, or do I need to somehow reset him and start over? It was a PITA to set the rooms up, so I’m not looking forward to do that again if I need to.

Thanks in advance.

I would try to reset Todd.

Open the battery compartment and unplug the battery for 3 Minutes.
Connect the battery and close the lid.
Could help.

I don’t own such an intelligent Robo like Todd.
My old Willy is a stupid 11S.:grin:

Thanks for the suggestion. I learned by watching the map that this was being caused by “Todd” incorrectly assessing his location after I stopped him to empty the bin. Since he had the wrong location, he started mapping what he thought were new rooms in addition to the existing ones. At that point things went haywire with him running into things and not knowing how to get back to his base.

The answer was to delete the map, physically place him on the base, and then start over. He remapped the house, and I’ve taken steps to make sure he doesn’t stop - no emptying the bin part way, and doing virtual walls to keep him from places he has gotten stuck.

It’s now been a couple of weeks with no problems and he’s working great. I love how thorough he is. We have two dogs so he fills the bin daily. We have moved “Todd 1”, our original random wandering Eufy, upstairs. Not nearly as efficient, but better than nothing.