Eufy Robovac doesn't go home

Mine will approach the charger,look left then right, move a little more and repeat. It then will occasionally bang into the base. it may find the correct position but will usually just push it around. the front bumper was replaced and still does not work correctly. The base is sending IR as my other eufy can find it easily

My G30 has just recently started doing this, was fine for a year, returning home when low etc but all of sudden it just doesn’t do it. If I move the thing forward it powers on (startup tune), and pressing the home button it’ll start heading home and find it fine. I don’t get any alerts on the app etc, I just have to go searching for it, and of course that means under a sofa (and no, its not always under a sofa, sometimes it’s even in the room with the charger, clear line of sight to it and it’s just powered itself off.

You could do a reset by removing the battery.
Then insert it again after 30sec.