Eufy Mac App - I don't receive verification Code per email or sms

I installed the Eufy Security App on my Mac mini. But now I’m not able to log in since it seems it doesn’t send the verification code. It also doesn’t matter if I choose “try another method -> SMS”. I don’t get the SMS.
Yes, I’ve checked the spam mail, there is nothing in!

Yesterday on the iOS App everything worked, because I was able to share the Doorbell with my wife and create a new account for her etc…

Anyone else experiencing this issue? Should I wait, maybe only the Server on Anker/Eufy side have some issue?

Kind regards!
Markus from Austria :wink:

As of today there is a new Update v1.5 for the Eufy Security Mac App.
Now the issue of not receiving the verification code has been solved!
Thanks EUFY!

Having this problem on android. Email can verify but phone does not get any sms. This is a core function of the product. It needs to be fixed.