Eufy Lumi 1st & 2nd Generation Comparison

Hey Guys

Here’s is a brief review of the old and new model Lumi stick on battery powered lights.

Packaging is as you would expect, simple and functional.

1st Gen
2nd Gen

Setting up,
Pop the back off and throw in 3 AAA batteries and the light comes on to show it’s working and you are ready to find them a new home.

In Use,
Both are as sensitive to movement and light as each other.

1st gen has an exposed LED where the 2nd gen has a diffuser on the front.
This means the 1st gen gives a brighter light in front and beneath it but the 2nd gen gives a more widespread softer light.
This makes the 2nd gen look a little more “finished” than the 1st gen.


1st gen has a flat bottom so can easily be picked up and placed on a shelf or bedside unit, the 2nd gen has a curved bottom which looks nice but not as practical.


I was interested to see how the 1st and 2nd gen compared in brightness.
1st gen has a fixed brightness setting where the 2nd gen has low and high.
In comparison I would say the 1st gen is a bright as the high setting on the 2nd gen.
The low setting would be great for a kids room to give a little illumination to check in on them or perhaps a bathroom for a late night “pit stop”.

1st gen (8’ away)


2nd gen low brightness (8’ away)


2nd gen high brightness (8’ away)


1st gen (15’ away)


2nd gen low brightness (15’ away)


2nd gen high brightness (15’ away)


Pretty much the same,




Both are great lights. Great design, weight and feel, and works exactly how you would expect.
2nd gen has a softer and wider light spread which is good if you want to illuminate a larger area.
1st gen has a little harsher (see shadows in pictures) and more forward and downward focused light spread.
1st generation has a flat bottom which i feel is better if you are going to move the around, it’s easier to place.

My choice?
I’m keeping the 1st gen.
I don’t need the low brightness setting but I will move them around regularly so it’s the flat bottom sells it to me.


@chiquinho @Shenoy.
Here you go boys!


Great review and comparison. I agree with you, the 2nd generation looks more polished.

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Thanks @Nhi
I would have loved it if the 2ng gen had a flat bottom, that was the only reason I kept the 1st gen.

That’s a great review and awesome comparison @paulstevenewing

I too like the 1st generation lights!

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Perfect Paul!
Now you have put some “light” in the LUMIs

I have placed some of mine at the door frames, same you did.
Better total illumination from this “high position”

I would have added some music, but couldn’t find:
"Philip Glass “The light”.


Thanks @Shenoy :+1:t2:

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Thanks @Shenoy

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Great review and comparison @paulstevenewing

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Thanks @Ice1, glad you enjoyed it.

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Great review and comparison, great job!!! :ok_hand:

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Thanks @Daiross glad you enjoyed.

I’m more intrigued by the wakey in the back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Great review(s). Thanks for sharing!

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Glad you enjoyed it @TechMan
As for the Wakey, I won that from Anker and have done a review in case you missed it.


As you
are “the real king of donations”, you could put a pile of Wakeys all around in your house! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Great review and comparison photos Paul. I won the 1st gen lights in a power draw a couple of years back and they are a firm favourite in my house, particularly in the bathroom as it lights it up nicely as it’s only a small bathroom.

For me personally, I prefer the 1st gen design as you have mentioned, the flat base allows them to stand freely if you don’t wanna stick them down.

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Hey @Macgyver15
Thanks for that, glad you enjoyed.
I’m a big fan of the little lights and it’s nice to move from room to room as required.

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