Eufy L50 Eufy robovac will not add rooms

Eufy robovac will not add rooms

Hi all, eufy robovac will not add rooms.

This is the L50.

Rooms great, but there were a few no go rooms when I first plotted the house. So I just closed the door. Now I can’t seem to get the machine to find the rooms.

I can zone clean, but then it forgets the room.

In picture 1, the keep away area is shown to the right

In 2, I’ve created a to clean zone

In 3 and 4, the robot is successfully cleaning the zone

In 5, the robot is finished and heading home

In 6, the robot is completed and charging. Notice, the room is now there! I’m excited.

Until… 7, I tell the robot to clean the house and the robot doesn’t see the new room.

Any recommendations on how to add this vanishing room?

You could contact the support.
Sometimes a reset of the Robovac helps.