Eufy Indoor Pan&Tilt plug in camera is constantly offline, and won’t record anything

Had this camera for about a year now and it was working fine until a couple days ago, first it would occasionally go offline then come back online again and whenever it was online it didn’t record anything, it would give motion notifications but if you clicked it nothing showed up, didn’t even let me view older motion alerts from the micro sd card, factory reset the camera to see if that would do anything, it came back online for a bit then went offline, still no recording, throughout the day I noticed it kept going offline and online again, now it’s stopped doing that, it’s just constantly online, blue led ring is still lit up as if it was online so I’m not sure what’s going on, idk if it’s a software issue, or if the camera has just decided to die on me

Unsure of how old it is.

I would check

  1. If a new sd card will let you record to see if it was the old card was part of that issue for not recording.

  2. I would also check the location and how far it is from the router as that could be an issue. I would bring it right next to the router and see if it still goes online and off line.

  3. Reset everything, (device reconnect, reset the router,…) as well.

Basically eliminate the variables to verify it is the device.