Eufy has a name a vac giveaway

Was checking some social over the lunch and saw this giveaway by Eufy that popped up… It is name their Robovac x8 and the best one that they like will win a vac.

Good luck to all if you decide to try for it.


Great share @Duane_Lester
I’ve entered, but not sure if its open to residents outside the U.S.

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I am not sure either. I did not see a US only or UK only or etc…

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Same here @Duane_Lester
What made me question was the third prize was $15 and didn’t mention £ or €
Oh well, hopefully I might find out soon! :sunglasses:

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I’ll enter but I doubt I’ll win since I’m not that creative when it comes to naming stuff :joy:

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I think it is harder on the names without stating something to someone else.

Well, I look at it as no foul if wrong and won’t know if you do not try… I was thinking they have a new social media guy and wonder if was a potential miss.

I was thinking with a lack of Anker power draws and other activity here, the least I could do is post stuff from other social media

If you have not been on soundcore, Hannah made mention of something on Thursday but unsure if it a sale or what

Plus Linus Tech Tips is doing a Soundcore Frames giveaway (10 sets to given away) but odds is probably very slim as compared to others.


And that’s very much appreciated @Duane_Lester :+1:t2:


Contest is over…