Eufy floodlight cam 2 pro impossible to disable withoutinternet

Yesterday, when I came back home, internet was down.
I could change the security mode of the the eufy cam connected on the home base from « away » to « home ».
But it was impossible to do the same change for the floodlight cam.
The app gave ( fail to connect message error 99)
In the away model an alarm is triggered as soon as a motion is detected.
I could not find any alternate way to deactivate.
This morning internet was back and I could finally restore it to home mode.
Thanks for any help on this question.

You can turn off the power supply to switch off the Floodlight Cam. If the power supply is restored, the Floodlight Cam will automatically turn on.

Thanks for your feedback, I did not try this .
I hope at least that loosing power and get it back does not change the security mode of the cam.
So I don’t understand how it could help.
This camera does not seem to have an internal web interface available that could work with wifi without internet.

I will try it next time.

Thanks for this solution!

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