Eufy Doorbell Needs Different Size Mounting Wedges

I just installed my Eufy Doorbell today. Unfortunately, the 15 degree mounting wedge that they provide is not enough angle for my application. I ended up needing to 3D print an extra 15 degree wedge in order to get the camera view that I wanted. I hope they will design and sell some different wedges in the future.



The wedge also needs to have a channel to run the power cable through when powering the battery doorbell from an external power supply … (my wires don’t come out of the wall where the doorbell is mounted, they’re run from the ground up to the doorbell’s position)

Same here. They need to offer 15, 30 and 45 options. Even trying to find a wedge that works is difficult compared to the ring product I’m replacing. Starting to have second thoughts on Eufy.

Also agree that the 15 wedge has a horrible design for the hardwired option. You need to cut into the wedge to get the cables through from the lower to upper half. Designed by a half wit.