Eufy Contact Sensors - Chime on Homebase when Open/Closed?



Tried searching a bit thru the forum, but didn’t see anything posted. Now that Eufy has contact sensors for doors and windows, it would be nice to have an audible sound come from the HomeBase when something is opened or closed. This would be an excellent feature to add. That and maybe have a wireless keypad to arm/disarm the HomeBase… :grin:


Great ideas! :thumbsup:

I do have plenty of the sensors, but never used one of them yet (waiting for the feature to use them as video-record-trigger for the eufy cam). So i can’t even tell if those sensors not already be able to do what ou want or not.


They currently don’t support a chime sound when opened/closed. Only option is to blast the alarm if triggered. Don’t want that when the Mrs. is sleeping and I head out the door at 5am to the gym. :joy:


… or when Mr. is sleeping and the Lover of Mrs. is knocking at the door with some flowers and chocolates in his hand :joy:


True there is no option to chime on Homebase.

My phone sends out a notification with a sound when door is opened/closed. But you cannot tell if it was the door or some event on the camera…


If there was SmartThings integration this could be done easily. That’ll probably never happen though :confused: