Eufy cam won't work even though batteries are charged

I made a post the other day but I can’t find it to respond an update to it. Anyways, I’m on Camera number 2 in the past 6 months that stopped working. Camera #1 was an original Eufy that the batteries stopped working. I changed out the batteries and the camera has been working fine since. Now here I am on camera #2 which is a Eufy 2 Pro…This time the camera only works when its plugged into a USB port. The batteries are holding a charge fine but when the camera is disconnected from a USB port the camera shuts down.
I have since opened up the camera which is much easier than the Eufy 1 to find that there is water inside of the camera. There are terminals corroded and rust forming on the inside of the case. Apparently this camera is not as water tight as the Eufy 1. I even had the protective silicon cover on the camera which I told Eufy before it does not help at all…IMG_2806

Note: This camera was mounted to a tree with the silicone cover and a solar panel plugged in to keep it charged.
Note 2: I think my original post was deleted

Here is your list of topics for you.

If still under warranty contact the service department for Eufy and you may can exchange it

Give the contacts of the camera some shots of contact spray.
May be there is a corrosion which is not visible so far.

We’ll I took the camera apart again to double check things but this time I cut open the casing on the battery pack. Well the rust on the battery messed up something, even though the battery percentage shows its charged, the battery is the problem again but this time it was due to water getting inside of the Cam 2 Pro and causing various components to corrode or rust.
Now it’s time to spend another $100 on another camera again…
Note: Yes I cleaned it and got all the rust off and it looked like new again, and I coated it with liquid electrical tape and it still does not work.

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