[eufy cam] Warranty case: Permament failure of the microphone!

Dear eufymaniacs and dear @AnkerSupport @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical

As most of you should know me, i am a eufy cam backer (kickstarter), supporter since the first second and owner of plenty homebases and about a dozen eufy cams. The original, the real one, the best stuff, fore sure, eufy cam 1! :heart:

(OK OK … i got ONE eufy cam E, additional, because it was cheap on sale some time ago - shame on me) :grin:

And beside the fact that eufy is not always listening to us and our wishes and they do not always fullfill their promises, or extreeemely late (which means 6-18 months!), the eufy cam (1) is probably one of the best, if not the best, security cam on the market and over all i am very satisfied with it after 1,5 years, even if not everthing is perfect and some features still needs to be implemented or overworked.

Let’s come to the topic of this thread:
Beside some “teething” with the first bunch of cams, right after the release, to mention the “cracked lenses problem” or the failure of the nightvision, all the failure cams got changed without problems by anker and thats how it should be - thanks again.

Since then, the cams worked mainly without issues … ok, sometimes the sound/video is not really sync or one or another cam is loosing connection and beeing offline some time, annyoing for sure, but acceptable in that perios of time … i now have the first failure/hard issue since a long time of several months:

:microphone: The microphone of one of my cams is permanently failure and not working anymore. :no_bell: Everthing else is working, but the microphone not. All i can hear on recorded videos is NOTHING and on live feed is some kinf of QUITE CRACKLING.

The cam is even located on a dry place below a balcony and not getting any rain or sun. So it wonders me why exactly this cams mic is failure now, because i would expect that even more from my cams which are in heavy rain and sun daily … but they still work :upside_down_face:

I thought maybe it will be a temporary problem, but the mic is not working for 5 days now, that the reason i write to you here.

Have anyone of you had at anytime problems with the failure of the microphone of his eufy cam (1) ? Temporarily or permanent? Please reply then, thanks!

Of course i will parallely write to support@eufylife.com and explain the problem, link to this thread and ask for help.


Noone ever had a failing microphone?! :thinking:

Mhh ok … gonna wait for the answer and help from @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical @AnkerSupport

Did you already receive a response from Eufy? I have the same issue here. Multiple cameras are installed under an awning, and two of them are experiencing microphone problems. They record sound, but it’s not working in the live stream.