EUFY CAM , No posibility to connect with synology security software No support USB connection

Hello all

This week I bought a EufyCam 2 consisting of 4 cameras and a home base 2. Now I found out that the USB connection is not yet suitable for an external hard drive. Now the retailer advised me to buy a Synolgy NAS and I bought the DS214 and installed SurveillanceStation latest version. with no possibility I get the cameras working I have checked if port 554 is open and it is. Put the camera in stream mode, even then connection failed. I am desperate. Can you help me?

have now spent over $ 2000 and my videos have to deal with an internal home station memory of only 16GB


you followed this instructions?

It worked for me. But please note that you can only use 2 cameras for free. For 4 you have to buy 2 additional licenses for Surveillance Station.
Also, please remember that the Synology is only recorded when the camera detects motion. Live view / continuous streaming to Surveillance Station is not possible, otherwise the cameras’ batteries would run down immediately.