Eufy cam - IFTTT - Smartlife

I have previously set up an automation in IFTTT, where if there was a notification on my phone from Eufy (Camera registered movement) I could turn on some smart lights in my Smartlife app.

This doesn’t work anymore.

I have set it up like this, but it never triggers, anyone else using this?

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I am using it. And it it working here.

Received notification from doorbell and activated scène from smart life.

For now it turns on Light but I have ordered Indoor siren. I am going to put together a DYI siren with a smart life power socket.

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Not sure what is wrong in my setup … must try again.
Perhaps you can show how you have done it ?

Here is my set up:
I named it as test eufy.
Trigger is my doorbell. When I receive a notification with “doorbell” in it, it will activate a scene from smart life.