Eufy Cam 2C Pro unable to connect with Homekit

I just bought a Eufy kit containing a bridge and two Eufy cam 2C Pro cameras. I also bought four indoor 2k cameras. I have set up all successfully on the Eufy app. I wan’t to use them all on HomeKit secure video. The indoor cameras have the expected QR code and corresponding HomeKit mark. The 2C Pro cameras only have a QR code with no HomeKit icon. As I understand it, the 2C Pro like the inside cameras is HomeKit compatible. All the indoor cameras a working as expected in HSV. Any help would be appreciated.

It’s been discussed a zillion times before


Er, zillion and one now :exploding_head: :+1:t2:


Zillion and two.

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I have resolved this. How is your comment supposed to be helpful?

Good to know you got it working