Eufy Cam 2 Pro after 1 Year (Review German)

My Eufy Cams 2 Pro are in usage for quite a while. In general i am very satisfied with the videos they provide. Only thing still upsets me is the connection interface to Amazons Alexa. Connecting via Amazon Echo Show still takes far too long and even the live stream connection via Eufy Security App takes sometimes like 10-20 Seconds to build up.

What i still like is the local storage for the videos and no cloud subscription requirement. :+1:


Good update

First, nice review! Second, the newer the Amazon device, the worse the performance. Totally makes sense right? lol.
I started with a 2nd Gen Echo Dot, then 3rd gen then a Show, I currently only use the 2nd Gen.
I found that, other than change the plug to be ‘Amazon Specific’, everything seemed to be; response time, general AI, compatibility, etc.

Why do I say all of this, well because it is most like not the cameras that have “slowed down” rather the Amazon devices that have been built with less computing power. Sadly, it is impossible to downgrade to a 2nd Gen if you need/want a screen for your camera, but if you can live without it, I recommend switching.
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I have a large variety of Amazon devices from Echo 1 up to the latest echo show 15. The main painpoint is the slow streaming connection time. Even if the echo rings it takes like hours until the video connection is established.

Hey Guys!!
I used to love the Floolight cam 2 pro after the last firmware update. My camera is not working well. bought it like 3 o 4 months since the last firmware upgrade it is being a nightmare camera. This surveillance camera don’t and I have to rest much time in a day to show the image or lose connection while you are watching. Many times tried to get some response from customer support, but they even know anything.
Eufy cameras are not good. I wish I did a much better search when I was looking for a surveillance camera don’t trust those guys on youtube that get paid by this company to show something that is garbage.

Try resetting the wifi connection. Sometimes it helps to reboot your router to provide a new ip to the device.