Eufy accept security holes

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Well it is good they stated their mistake but will the length of denial affect how folks buy or not buy it. It may also depends on if folks research before they buy

Ouch…I did get mine as part of a rare competition win but doubt I will stay with the system going forward once they die (not entirely but slightly influenced by this)…just don’t seem to suit my setup anymore. Always need charging quite often due to placement and detection sensitivity too.


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I saw this article the other day interesting to see how they handled it for sure wish they could have just come clean from the start about it because they lost a lot of peoples support and faith in trying to hide it

So years ago folks were doing network sniffing from Eufy and saw packets go back ---- to China.

It’s simply bad engineering, to then cover it up doubly bad. I’d not trust them at all ever. The person in Seattle who describes it is not the engineer.

Years ago I was a professional programmer and snuck in for fun a little secret message in the code, I then handed it off to others to maintain. The code never got spotted. I then bumped into one of the applications users and asked them to type in a specific command, and tell me what it said. “Hello of Master how may I do your bidding” reply came back. Now I’d coded it in hexademical not ASCII to make it not jump out of the code but someone had never bothered to look deeply.

That anecdote is just to say don’t believe marketing covering for engineering.

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean its not there


But aren’t there the same “balloons” out there from our beloved “big brother” :roll_eyes:

Indeed, if i had accidentally caused something to cross over someone’s country, I’d announce it in advance openly… “something coming, sorry” doesn’t take much effort and avoids misinterpretation.

Honesty leads to trust.

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Agreed with everything you say honestly out right is what leads trying to hide things makes everything worse

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