Drop sensors are dirty error, but they are CLEAN, HELP!

If you really sure there is nothing stuck in the front sensor (bumper) you should contact the support.
Best is to add a video, better that 1000 Words often.

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Thanks for your reply. Pretty sure there’s nothing stuck. And I just got this yesterday. Is there a way to open the bumper and clean it? Do you know?

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If you got it yesterday do not open.

This way you would kill the warranty.

Make really sure the front bumper is free of any things
After done this, you should contact the support for further steps to solve the issue , which ist not normal.


Thanks. I have already emailed support. I hope they get back to me soon. Otherwise I would have to return the product.

Wait for their answer.
Should happen next week.
Your RoboVac is under warranty so the issue should get solved next week by the support.

I was having same issue and saw in another Q&A that it may be due to strong sun reflecting off of the floors. I closed my curtains and have had no more issues


Ja, that’s a probable reason.
The sensors are sensitive if the robot changes from “dark” to “bright” areas.
I have seen the same behavior of my “old Willy” (now about more than 2,5 years old)
Will never learn it! :rofl:

I keep having exactly the same problem. I had emailed them in the past, but it was of no help at all. Since I don’t have a warranty anymore and there is no eufy service center in my country, I decided to try solving it by myself, and I completely deactivated the drop sensors. Unfortunately, even if the drop sensors were deactivated, after a few seconds that my robot started working it stopped again. The error message was once again the same “drop sensors are dirty”…I really don’t know what else to do beside throwing it in the garbage and buying a new one. I haven’t used it enough and for me this purchase has been a waste of money. So disappointed

Is there any way to reset the sensors?

Have you tried a reset by removing the battery and insert it after a minute?
How did you deactivate the sensors?

I did remove the battery for more than one minute, and I also unplugged the three corresponding cables from the motherboard.

Hi have the same problem with my 15c

Eventually after taking all the advice above I decided to split it all apart and find the drop sensors and see if they were really dirty.

So unscrewed all the case fittings, easy enough, split the shell open fairly mucky in there as expected.

You can prise apart the outer ring where the actual drop sensors are, 3 in total, two small black cases attached with ribbon callers on each side and then also two bulb type open leds on one side only.

I disconnected the ribbon cables on the small cases, levered them open and they were filthy, they had what almost looked like rust stains in there, no idea how, any way, have cleaned them out throughout inside and outside, wiped down the exposed bulbs all round and refitted everything, works like a dream!

So maybe the little beastie was right all along, the drop sensors were actually dirty! But inside.

Hope this might help.

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Great advice.
There are videos around how to dismantle the Robovac.
Its easy for a skilled person.

My daughter and I opened “old Willy” and swapped the left brush motor.
She was really perfect to unplug these little plugs from the main board etc.

(And we marked these to plug them in again in correctly .
Also we took different little “containers” for the screws and label these
Normal engineering tricks. These help a lot and is saving much time :smile:)

I had this same issue for weeks and could NOT figure it out. I have two Kyvol’s, both are a few years old now and I’ve never had an issue with them in the past. They have been used DAILY for atleast 2 years and we live on a farm…so they have ‘earned their keep’ : )
I did some online research after the cleaning and other manual tips didn’t resolve the issue, and I found some people posting about how bright sunlight could affect the sensors, SURE ENOUGH I tested my machines after using them with the curtains closed and NO ISSUES! : ) We live in soggy, wet NW Oregon so bright sunlight isn’t something we get much here LOL! And I usually run them early in the morning, so pre-bright sunlight… hence why I’ve not had an issue until recently.
But it did resolve the errors! Give it a try! : )

Take a look at my post above and try a reset by battery removing.

Glad they are working for you

Remove the front 2 brushes and try again.

My brushes were old and dirty, once removed no more issue.

Try cleaning the brushes or but new ones.

I cleaned them in very hot water and washing powder and not the bushes have gone straight again and pretty good.

Of course you have to keep ALL brushed clean.
The best it to clean these properly after every cleaning cyclus.
I do this since years and “Old Willy” is working from the first day I got it.
Its about 4 years now.

If you don’t, the whole machine will die pretty soon.

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Of course you have to keep ALL brushed clean.
The best it to clean these properly after every cleaning cyclus.
I do the since years and “Old Willy” is working from the first day I got it.
Its about 4 years now.

If you don’t, the whole machine will die pretty soon.
Game over.

Hi all, thanks for all the advice above.

After trying everything it took opening up the four drop sensors, none of which were visibly dirty, dusty or damp, but opening up and a blow seemed to reset them.

Do be careful with the tiny window panes of the sensor unit, they are quite fiddly and difficult to put back in when reassembling, or finding them after loosing them into the main unit of the Deebot!

Meryl is back up and running well :robot: