DoorBell Activity/Motion Zone Not Working

Hi, I just installed the doorbell yesterday. At first I was getting alot of triggers of cars/etc from the street. So I adjusted as well as possible to just cover my entrance and driveway. Last night was fine, was getting the proper motion/people triggers, but today, it will only trigger an alert if theres motion maybe 5 feet away from the door, (which is fine for porch pirates), but Im also trying to cover my cars for car hoppers. Ive readjusted the activity zone a few times, did a restart on the doorbell app, and also removed the device from my app and restarted… I know theres enough power source (originally I only had a 8v transformer, so doorbell was showing red, upgraded to 16v, and when I redid the set up for the bell, it displayed green or yellow - colourblind guy here, but it was the proper colour needed), and I have it set to all motion

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@Bryan_Tiboni Congratulations for getting the new eufy video doorbell. And welcome to the community.
Can you verify the motion detection is turned on and sensitivity settings are properly adjusted and you can test the sensors as well while you are there.

Thanks, yes motion detection is turned on, sensitivity is set to all motion (as I want it to capture both people and vehicles coming into my driveway). And testing the sensors? ( do you mean by walking around in my driveway trying to trigger motion/people?) if so yes I have done that… Currently right now, its only triggering when our vehicles come or go, or if we use our remote car starters, and the lights are coming on and off, triggering motion. But its not triggering people, unless I am right up by my stairs. This is my current activity zone and people triggering only seems to occur right up by the stair railings

This is your situation:

This should resolve your issue. review the below topic to get more familiar with activity zones.

I went outside and had my activity zone open to see if I am standing within the zone (covering my head/upper body). It was. But if I go any higher with the zone settings I would be into the street and picking up every moving vehicle