Does anker powerbank turn off automatically?

Dear Sir , I see this model that I attached some photos about itand I want to have more info about it if you don’t mind Sir ,
Does it have an auto off overcharge ??I mean if I charge my phone with anker powerbank during night , Does it turn off automatically when my phone full charge ?? I don’t mean overcharge protect , I mean power off at all . will anker powerbank power off automatically ?? I really want to be sure of this information because it is very important to me

thanks SirI really appreciate your help

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Anker battery packs have overcharge protection built in so they do not overcharge and also provide a protected charge to your phone. You did not state what phone you have so I cannot report whether the device will turn off or not when fully charged, reason being is that some phones and devices do not report or send a signal to the charging device that it’s fully charged. You also have to keep in mind that a lot of devices rend to trickle charge when near 100%, so your phone may show its 100% but it’s really not quite there due to the trickle charge


@elmo41683 covered it well

Overcharge is impossible. Your phone was designed to be plugged into a wall charger continuously.

As to turning off this is very Powercore and phone combination dependent.

Turning power on:

  • some powercore will turn on when you plug in a cable, some will only come on when you press the button. That exactly Powercore+ 10050 I do not which it does - anyone own and know?

Power off:

  • so what happens is your phone gets fully charged but even though it is fully charged, if the phone is on, it is still drawing power anyway because it needs power itself constantly and does not want to take from its battery.
  • if the power demand from your phone is small enough, for long enough, then the Powercore will turn itself off at a threshold which is Powercore dependent. In general, the bigger Powercore turn themselves off at smaller demand than smaller Powercore.
  • the reason a low enough long enough power pull turns the Powercore off is for simple efficiency.

So what combined this means:

  • none can tell
  • you have to try it yourself or find someone who has exact same Powercore and your exact same phone and (it can vary by ROM version) the same software.

From my experiences:

  • The phone controlled the charging current, and stopped when it was full --> no overcharging fear.
  • Once the phone stopped, the charger turned off. you would need to push the LED button to make the charger on again.
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Thank you for you reply
My phone is : iphone 7 plus
If it was in standmode or airplane mode
Will anker powerbank power off itself automatically when mobile be full charged ??

Thanks again :rose:

Dear Sir
Thanks for help
But did you mean that I should buy another model ?
Bigger powercore model will turn itself off !?
My device is : iphone 7 plus

Thanks for information

Thanks Sir ,
I asked that because I have 2 different power banks from another brands and they don’t power off automatically
And I have third one which do that
I love this feature specially when charging phone at night

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The iPhone does not report that it’s fully charged, as @nigelhealy mentioned the phone is always drawing power so even if it says it’s 100% it’s like I mentioned before that it’s still trickle charging

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Let us put it a different way - Anker Powercore will keep charging your phone til your phone does not need charging.

If your phone does not need power, the Powercore will stop delivering power.

So yes, if your phone was fully charged and stopped needing power, then the Powercore will turn itself off.

We suspect, however, your phone will always need power and so we suspect your Powercore will probably never turn off. Because it is a phone as phones always need power.

You mention iphone 7 plus. I appears to be a 5V 2A 10W type input, the Anker Powercore+ 10050 you mention is Quickcharge 3.0. While that Powercore will charge your iphone 7 Plus at the fastest possible charge, it has more features than your phone can use, you could get a lower cost Anker Powercore.

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Dear gentlemen , thanks for advice … I am happy that I could learn from you
Another thing . I am sorry to late replies … I could’t reply yesterday because I live in Syria and we have some problems .

Anyway … according to iphone
I have ifan powerbank and it power off automatically after 15 minutes of full charge

And yes I understand more now . Thank you

@nigelhealy @elmo41683

Thanks sir , when I use quick charge 3.0 … yeah it really charge my phone faster …
But … what is difference between quick charge 3.0 and iQ ??
I read before that iQ charger will give fast charging that phone just need … is it right ??

Iphone 7 Plus is not Qualcomm Quick Charge.

Quick Charge 3.0 is Qualcomm Quick Charge. Your phone does not use Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.

IQ is where the battery pushes the maximum non-QC charge your phone can handle.

iphone 7 Plus is 12W 5V 2.4A maximum input, the Anker Powercore+ 10050 will output so yes your phone will charge as fast as possible, but a non-QC Anker Powercore will charge it just as fast, probably for less cost.

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Thank you Sir …
although that iphone 7 plus didn’t support quick charge 3.0
But as to my test
When I charge it with power bank that support qc 3.0
It charges iphone like ipad charger , faster than original charger

wish you the best :rose:

IF you buy a QC power bank you pay extra for a feature your iphone cannot benefit from, i.e. you wasted money needlessly. The Powercore 10000 would charge an iphone 7 Plus just as fast as a Powercore+ 10050.

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Thanks Sir :rose:


I just bought an Anker powercore 13400 with quickcharge. When I’m charging it with the cable supplied and my Samsung S8 Powerbrick (or any other charging device/cable) the Anker keeps on charging.
The last LED out of 10 just keeps blinking, even after 10+ hours (far beyond the charging time). when I disconnect the powerbank and reconnect it it shows that its 100 percent charged and all of the 10 LEDs are fully lit.
Also checking the Anker manually it says its fully charged. I was convinced that the anker would power off by itself when fully charged?!

happy to hear from you!