Do Eufy Genie still support getting firmware updates?

I have several Eufy Genies and noticed that they are not on the latest firmware. I have auto-update enabled and have the update window set for all-day (eg: 6:01am - 6:00am). But it never updates.

Is there a way to force an update? I’ve tried the method where I hold down volumn_down+mute and it then says “updating system” and ring is orange. But after a few minutes, it says something about a failure.

In the anrdoid app, it shows them as offline but not sure what that means since they still work as Alexa. Perhaps a Eufy-specific service is offline? Or the firmware servers are down?

According to the app, the latest firmware is 3.8.7909 but my units are a few versions below that.

This is such a perfect question for the support.
They are glad to help you!


I have 2 Eufy Genies and they are not auto updating the firmware. I have the same question for support?!?