Default Voice Assistant

Two days ago I received my newly purchased Soundcore Space One headphones :partying_face::headphones: & am currently familiarizing myself w/ all of the the bells, whistles, features, buttons & gadgets, if you will. My 1st and all after interactions w/ the voice assistant feature activated by default the Bixby @ my Samsung Galaxy S22-U. I haven’t yet found the way, so here I am now, am hoping that there is some kind of means to change the headphone’s default setting to use Google Assistant instead? Please help, any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, in Advance.:nerd_face::pray:t5:

You should contact the supprt.

Thanks, can & will do that if nothing comes of this effort. Opted to try here 1st since newly joined to the community. Thnx 4 insight.

Typically this is decided by the phone not the headphones. The headphones just ask the phone for their voice assistant.

Nose around your phone to change what is its voice assistant and nose around in forums specific to your phone for how to change the voice assistant for bluetooth headphones.

There’s nothing in Soundcore specifying which voice assistant.

The Samsung S22-U’s is preloaded w/ Bixby V. A. but Google V A has ALWAYS been set up in and for the device as the default voice assistant in the device settings. Haven’t found or aware of any separate such setting for BT headphone settings in the phone device. Still “nosing” around cellphone settings…