[Deal Expired] 30% off Eufy 2k Doorbell



Just saw this and I was laughing (so hard… From here on out I plan on only using open parentheses… I’m a rebel!


I would be all over this deal if there was a white option… Black doorbell on white trim is going to stand out like crazy.



Thanks for the referral to the EufyHome seller link. Order placed, with an ETA of 4th of July. Cool.


Ordered yesterday and mine will arrive sometime between Jun 19 - Jun 24… hopefully sooner!


I was at least right on point for the price thankfully. Time to wake up the wife while we are on vacation and let her know we need one.


Nice deal for US…Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:
Will take a look when it’s available in Canada…:grin:


Same here. No go for a black video doorbell on the white front door trim, but white or silver (the current doorbell system color) would be OK.


Isn’t it black so the camera doesn’t stand out too much?


@hhamster86 I guess it’s just preference, it seems like white makes it more obvious where to ring. I prefer most of the doorbell to blend in with the white trim, vs a big camera.


So to prevent the camera from standing out too much, they’re making the entire doorbell unit stand out?
The white with black lens units from the other vendors look OK to me.


Thanks For Share but dont need them :smiley:


Thahnks for sharing!


:joy::joy: Yeah impulse decisions always


Coupon does not work :disappointed_relieved:


This deal promotion has expired on June 15th.


I was 2 days to late :pensive:


Based on everything I’ve seen (demos and FCC docs) it doesn’t have true night vision, simply enhanced low light performance. True night vision used an IR camera so you can see even in pitch dark. This unit doesn’t have that.


I think the contrasting colors would look nice but would stand up more and draw your eye to the cam.

On the other hand people would be more likely to look directly into the cam which is good.


Human recognition IS NOT facial recognition. Cool it can tell a human from a dog but who is that human? Nest Hello recognizes exactly who it is, and announces them by name.

Based on the demos I’ve seen and the FCC files, the “night vision” is nothing more then enhanced low light performance. True night vision uses an IR array and camera so you can see clearly from sunset to pitch black midnight.

So I reiterate. This doesn’t have facial recognition or night vision.


Actually it does have night vision… not Facial recognition though…