[Deal Expired] 30% off Eufy 2k Doorbell



The new Eufy 2k Security Doorbell is now only $111.99!

A pretty great deal!

Use Code: SECTDRB2



No reviews yet? Have no fear! If you buy one for me then I will review it for you! Then you will know if you should buy one yourself :wink:.


I have the Nest Hello otherwise I would totally buy one for this price (and would have at $160 as well.


One huge missing feature is night vision. It also lacks facial recognition.

EDIT: Since my post has been hidden for misinformation let me clear some things up.

Yes, this product has Human Recognition. However, Human recognition IS NOT Facial Recognition. Is it cool that it can tell the difference between a human and a dog, yea sure but that IS NOT Facial Recognition. Devices like the Nest Hello can recognize who is at your door and announce them by name.

Based on the demos I’ve seen of the product and the FCC files, the Night Vision is nothing more than enhanced low light performance. TRUE Night Vision uses an IR Array and Camera so you can see clearly from sunset to pitch black midnight.



My Nest Hello has facial recognition and I don’t really see too much value in it. Yes its nice that Google will say “PERSONS_NAME is at the door” but I can also just look at my Google Home Hub and see who’s at the door.

The doorbell does in fact have night vision.


@Nicholas_Christopher Thanks for pointing that out! I had just made the purchase without research (because I saw it on sale for $111.99 and just cancelled it due to the missing night vision. That is pretty standard in many cam doorbells… wonder what happened?


@dicejedi @Nicholas_Christopher

Looks like it does have night vision.

“High Definition 2560X1920 resolution, combined with our exceptional night vision technology, ensures video is recorded with crystal-clear quality both day and night.”



For me this was in impulse buy since it is on sale, wish I would have looked at the specs but I couldn’t miss out on such a great price!


I’m honestly considering it for my side door. I want a camera there and this is a pretty cheap option. Plus no monthly subscription fees and even cheaper than a Eufycam.


That’s misinformation. It has night vision and human recognition.


No closing parentheses :rage:


The Amazon description says the Eufy Doorbell requires existing doorbell wires. Anybody know what voltage it needs?


Okay, just repurchased at same price of $111.99. Now, regardless of features and specs I blindly purchased this. Hoping for the best!


thats the correct attitude in life. lol


If you zoom in on this, it says 16-24V, 0.3A. The Nest Hello in comparison says 16-24V, 0.6A. I think any house built after 2000 should support it, and if not, upgrading the doorbell transformer should do the trick.

I know the upcoming Netatmo Doorbell is boasting that it can support 8V transformers. I guess the 2K resolution requires more power.


@The_Bearded_Tech_Guy TP-Link announced at CES, their Kasa Smart 2K Video Doorbell, and I thought the facial recognition macro feature sounded cool (after it sees certain faces, it can fire off a pre-recorded message, automatically turn on certain lights in your home, etc.)

Perhaps it will turn out annoying and gimmicky though. Imagine if the AI was accurate enough to recognize a delivery person “please leave it there” or ignore me if I’m coming home, or announce to a stranger that they’re being watched.


So what’s the price / ETA for UK ? Amazon say eufyhome don’t ship to the UK & not on Amazon UK


Just make sure your wiring can support the increased output from the new transformer!!


Uh oh, grammar police is here!


Not really lol. It’s just the one thing that I can’t sleep without correcting :joy: