Deal: Buy 1 Charging Product, Get 1 Half Off

Quick hit on a deal I found on – Buy one charging product, get the second (of lesser value) for half off.

This deal expires on Nov. 5.

Word to the wise, if you’d like to buy four items, place two orders. IOW, the coupon will only apply to one item (the lesser valued) in your cart. If your order is more than $50, you’ll get free shipping, so no worries on that.

Here’s what I’m liking in this charging array lately.

This product is hot right now, which is funny to me because it’s such an obvious nightstand (bedstead?) solution.

It’s just clever. The cable doesn’t retract, but it creates a loop. My favorite bag has a couple clips in it. I could clip this inside my bag and never lose it.

I’ve said it before. The Bio-nylon is a super soft feel. Which is a weird thing to say about a cable, but I’ll take a soothing over harsh in any form for any reason.


Good find :+1: