(DE) Prime day offers

I know many of you are comparing the prices worldwide. :grin:


I found a really cool website to check if you’re actually getting a good deal on amazon. It’s at least new to me, but thought I would share.

It shows pricing history etc for products.


I have heard about.
Never used it.
Thank you for sharing here.

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I use it often.

The two weaknesses it has it doesn’t include vouchers. Yesterday I was seeing a 30% voucher that this site wasn’t showing. And it infrequently checks prices so short flash sales, faster selling deals, it doesn’t even notice.

e.g. it says


So it is complementary , as you said helps to know in broadest terms if a deal is truly good or not, but not necessarily the best deal ever.

Using it plus places like here where users report special deals helps. We help each other.


We do this here for years!
Not only reporting special sales.
Good friendship all over the word.

Too bad that some old friends are still missing.
e.g. @Tank, @Shenoy, @Oggyboy etc


Thank you for remembering @Chiquinho


You stay here is a "MUST! :grin:

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Ahhh, I did not know that about vouchers and quick sales. I honestly found the site 2 days ago, so didn’t know much else about it other than what’s on the surface. But that’s great info, what you said. At least a quick tool to have around.

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I’ve been after a specific Chromebook for months and via camelcamelcamel found it’s previous best known price, I’d set a price alert for it. The price fell yesterday but no alert.

Useful but not perfect.


Do you know better tools?

There is such a tool here :


I have used it in the past to find a washer.
But now our old ca 30 years old washer is doing fine,
after I did some “deep” cleaning. :grin:

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Hey Franz, hope you’re keeping well buddy :slight_smile:

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Great to see you back.

" Those believed dead live longer" :joy::joy::joy:

I dip in often but there’s not much happening is there or at least, nothing that makes me excited.
Mind you, I’m 51 now so not much makes me excited :laughing::laughing: Apparently, I’m a moany b***ard!!!


I know.
But only to take part keeps this place alive.

We were quite dead last year.
But we never surrendered.
"Venceremos" :grin:

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