DashCams — What Improvements Would YOU Like to See?



As an A1 dashcam owner , here are my suggestions :

  • Reduce the time the camera stays on after you turn off your car. Right now the camera continues recording for 1 whole minute which put unnecessary load/wear on the camera’s non replaceable battery . Or at least give users the option to change it

  • Dedicated WiFi button for the A1 or a hardware shortcut like pressing the power button three times or long pressing a button to turn the WiFi on or off

  • A drive summary report , something like the Yi Smart dashcam does , showing total drive time , hard breaking , acceleration events

  • Optional CPL filter accessories to reduce dashboard glare

  • Better audio alerts when there is an SD card error or when camera is not recording

  • Move the recording light indicator to the bottom of the camera , as it is a better position to see it , especially if you mount the camera right behind your rear view mirror

  • Change format of recorded files from .mov to .mp4 for a better Integrated viewing experience with Andriod & its native apps


I would like more colors so they match my car in a better way.
Even a good paint would do.


THANK YOU for all your suggestions! To ensure your feedback is heard, I sent this link to Roav’s support team, and they said they have forwarded it to the R&D team!


I’d like an interior/dual cam model w/ nightvision.


Parking monitoring, faster startup time after the vehicle been hit.


User Adjustable sharpness, contrast and brightness controls.
Integrate a CPL filter, mount that would allow the lens to be placed just off the glass to avoid reflections from the dash.


Auto-time set, every time you start the device. Literally the ONLY thing GPS satellites send are the location of the satellite and the precise time from an atomic clock on board. There is no reason to ever set the time on a GPS enabled device.


Now we are all moving towards AI. There should be an Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS), which should not be an overkill (such as ones used by Tesla) but for a dash cam a limited functions like lane departure, collision warning etc., These features might be handy for the owners of lower-end or older generation cars. I know we can buy any car with these features built-in now.


I have couple of Anker Roav Dashcams, these are good. Would like to see model which had had front and rear Dashcams synchronized. Have submitted this earlier in product ideas.


+1 for that


I am looking to get the C2 PRO but if they update the cameras based on what is said here then I can wait a bit! This is something that I really want but don’t really need at the moment! I would love to see crisp images and everything else they posted about above! At this moment Amazon has it for $149 and I can definitely wait a tad.


Mine keeps on saying parking collision detection whenever we get in car. sensitivity is at the lowest setting. I just don’t want to turn the sensitivity to off. It is annoying though.


Email support and see if they can provide you with a firmware update to fix this


I know this will not apply to everyone here. I been using my phone to record time-lapse on the road for content. Maybe 120fps?I wonder if this is something you have consider? Its not something you always want to be recording, but having the option to turn off and on will be nice. The fact that you are not in the market for this option does not mean you can’t jump in :wink:

  • battery better suited for extreme heat/cold

  • more tactile buttons (specifically for emergency)

  • ability to archive files to home(computer)

I love the compact design of the S1, and you guys are using good quality parts and have a strong interface, but the battery is the Achilles heel unfortunately, only because of the fact that it doesnt hold up well to the environment. The parking mode is a fantastic feature to have which needs the battery. If you guys could improve the quality of the battery system, this thing would blow alot of the more expensive models out of the water for a single channel system.


I just thought that the memory card in my C1 pro has died or something, as newest file on the card was 10 days old. Could not watch any videos on my phone (i got connection, but then it crashed and could not see the camera anymore), so i got the card out and tried with computer. Newest timestamp said 22.2.2019 and i was just trying to see a clip from this morning (4.3.2019). I found the video i wanted, it just showed that 10 days old timestamp instead of today.

So +1 for gps as time source, its just stupid not to use it when it is available. Many products have gps-chips only for time, so what have the coders been thinking when something else could replace reality?


I would like the ability to link 2 or more cameras together to use a front and rear dash cams. I also Autocross and having the ability to link and side by side play multiple cameras would be awesome for reviewing my runs and serve double duty for daily dash cam duties.


The main thing preventing me from buying one is the lack of a smaller lower profile version without a screen. I currently have a Mobius cam attached to the underside of my rear-view mirror’s bracket with Sugru and magnets. This works well as I can generally leave it in place as it is quite discrete and not easily noticeable from outside, plus due to the magnets I can easily remove it if I’m parked up in a dodgier area.

Other features that would be nice to see too include:

  • Built-in Google Assistant (like the Bolt)
  • Powered by a super-capacitor rather than battery to negate battery issues with permanently connected devices
  • Parking mode
  • Car battery condition monitoring to prevent the above resulting in a dead battery
  • GPS data from attached phone if not included in main unit
  • Crash detection and upload of data and recent footage via phone if connected still


A option where the camera could send a push notification to my phone if the bump sensor has been triggered while I’m away from the car would be terrific!


4K, Hyperlapse Those arw the main ones for me.