Customize Power Solutions with Anker SOLIX X1 Modes

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions with Anker SOLIX X1. The power system features a range of customizable energy modes that adapt seamlessly to your unique needs.

Whether you want to maximize savings or optimize energy usage, X1’s versatile modes allow you to take full control of your power. Discover how X1 gives you more choices, no matter what time of day.

X1 Tailors Energy to Your Unique Needs

Self-Consumption Mode: Harness the Power of the Sun, Day and Night

You’ll no longer waste that unused solar power during the day in Self-Consumption mode. X1 stores excess solar energy, reducing your carbon footprint and helping you achieve energy independence.

To use, just tap in the Anker app and watch X1 seamlessly transition. The power system will charge during the day, so it’s ready for your use at night.

Time-of-Use Mode: Manage Energy Like a Pro

This is the future of energy management, Time-of-Use mode. Electricity prices fluctuate during the day, so it’s not how much power you use, but when you use your power that truly affects your bill.

How Electricity Prices Work

Generally, cheapest electricity is overnight when no appliances are running and demand is low. But during hot summer afternoons when you have the air conditioner blasting, rates skyrocket.

That’s not all. Depending on the season, day of the week, or hour of the day, electricity prices vary. For example, California utility Pacific Gas & Electric has its own peak hours and pricing quirks for its residential plans.

Overcome the System with X1

Luckily, X1’s Time-of-Use mode knows the secrets of the system and optimizes your energy with precision. So while you’re asleep, X1 charges up with ultra-low prices. And when electricity prices are at their highest, X1 uses that stored energy, so you avoid surcharges.

NEM 3.0 Mode: Redefine Solar Economics

California’s entered a new energy era with NEM 3.0. This shift fundamentally changes how net metering and net billing work. NEM 3.0 operates on “avoided cost” principles. So energy you sell back to the grid is meticulously calculated based on factors like hour, week, and month. In fact, there are up to 576 possibilities for prices.

Anker SOLIX X1 overcomes this with its NEM 3.0 mode. Accessing Anker’s cutting-edge electricity price database, X1 navigates obstacles so you can capitalize on opportunities. You’ll sell surplus power during peak pricing and charge up with solar power for maximum profit and energy efficiency.

Storm Guard Mode: Protect Your Home Against Disasters

The United States has a power grid problem. Its age is contributing to increased outages, both in duration and frequency. Severe weather doesn’t help either. 83 percent of major outages between 2000 and 2021 are caused by severe weather.

But you can stay prepared with Storm Guard mode. When the National Weather Service issues an alert, X1 knows it’s time to charge. By the time the storm hits, it’s fully charged. Normally, alerts are 10 to 12 hours in advance, but X1 can still charge fast. It reaches 80 percent in just 1.6 hours.

Storm Guard mode also keeps you in the loop. It notifies you when the mode activates and automatically reverts back to its previous mode once the NWS cancels the alert. Relax and know your power is always protected with X1.

Unlock Smart Energy Management with the Anker App

You can finally achieve full power potential from your energy storage system with the Anker app. After opening it, you see a wealth of real-time power statistics.

Tap and explore how your home uses solar energy from days to years. Customize your power by switching modes or discover insights with power charts. You can even track the impact on your wallet and the environment with savings and reduced carbon emissions.

Join the Energy Revolution with Anker SOLIX X1

Take charge of your power and enter a new era of energy innovation with X1. Combined with the Anker app, you can maximize savings and earnings and switch between energy modes to create a customized power solution.

Discover what else X1 can do by joining the X1 community. It’s a world of power possibilities that will allow you to take control of your energy and take a meaningful step to minimize your environmental impact.

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