Customize Eufy Security Video Doorbell Chime Ringtones

Is there any way to customize the Eufy Security Video Doorbell Chime ringtones?

It comes with only 8 ringtones. It would be great if we can:

  • record our own voice as the doorbell chime (e.g. “Someone’s at the door!”)
  • upload a short MP3 as doorbell chime
  • use any existing iPhone ringtone as the doorbell chime ringtone


I would love this feature as well lets cross our fingers…:grinning:

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Same here. Hope the existing hardware of the Eufy Security Video Doorbell Chime can handle customized chime ringtones. :+1:

Those 8 pre-baked ringtones all sound the same. They are basic “ding-dong” with minor variations. :frowning:

Still no response from eufy on this one? Could do with a decent Christmas themed chime like they did at Halloween

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Separate community for Eufy security, the support looks there, not here.

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If I remember correctly, for Holloween they did custome auto responses but not the ringtones.
Any case, go to the eufy community and check with to see if they have any plans for Christmas.

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YESS!! Custom tones would be awesome!