Corona virus anker workers

I hope China learns the lesson this time around and stops the bat soup and other wild animals that they eat.


To be fair, it was illegal food , so not so much the official government but the culture. Culture takes a generation to change, slower than the law.


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Really hope everyone stays safe


At present, there is no confirmed case in our company, but all employees have stayed at home for more than 20 days.

Next Monday, we will go back to the office. Hope everything will be fine.:heart:


Glad everybody is not sick as that seem to be pretty nasty at the moment. Stay safe. I figured that you had been back for a week as I thought Soundcore has had some communication with us since last week thus figuring Anker was back as well

Hope for the best, all stay safe… :+1:

There may well be a scientific paper in here where the reduced deaths due to better city air quality from people staying home exceeds the deaths from the virus.

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Yes, we are working at home. Lol

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Some times it’s better to work from home than travel and work at office to get sick.

Why not work from home normally and so cause less congestion for better cities? Why use a virus as a reason? Get to know your neighbours.

I wish but not possible for many cases. I can never get a work from home job in my line.

Working from home is my dream. Lol

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In my last 30 years of working, I worked from home for half of it. Initially the limiting factor was technology, we needed fax machines and multiple phone lines. Now it’s a laptop and a phone.

I think there are jobs you have to be in a place of work, but there jobs you don’t and it’s bosses lack of confidence in their workforce, a doubt, a wish to control and monitor, is unreasonable cause of many woes. Traffic, air quality, illness, happiness, all improved if you remove the commute.

I suggest it is voluntary. You rent office space to fit your observable needs and let people decide, and address productivity concerns with performance monitoring.

Those who have to, or want to, commute then don’t compete for roads, trains, with those who don’t need and don’t want to commute.

Hopefully those bosses with a control weakness, will be discovered and removed, or learn, via the long enough period of working from home, without observable productivity drop, will make a nudge to more work from home.

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