Continuous Story | Winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our improvised story. It was a lot of fun, although it did get…pretty crazy at times.

Our winner, by community likes, is @Daiross. Congratulations! You win 200 PowerBucks and 200 Experience Points!

Winning sentence:

“Once he gathered the courage to approach the object, he realized that it was a sock … a soft and colorful pair of socks. to have more fun, the RoboVac decided to hide one of them! and thought that the best hiding place would be…”:joy::joy::joy:

And now, for your entertainment, we are pleased to present the entire (and entirely un-edited) saga of Johnathan Livingstone RoboVac:

RoboVac looked around the messy room and sighed heavily to itself.

At this point, a big flash of light appeared and Robovac saw a future version of itself. It said
“Hi I am you in a few days from now and I got into real trouble, so I am going back in time warn you of the dangers. What you need to do is just buy a big Powercore and chill. Just chill. It’s only a battery. I cannot tell you what happened as it would cause a time paradox but trust me.” what is critical to the survival of Anker is you must ensure that this rule is not met.

“I wonder where all my humans have gone that they left such a mess. What to do? Hmmm, with my 1500Pa strong suction I shall wreak havoc on these floors! But wait!!! It’s April Fools Day. I’ll see if they like being pranked by making more mess,(evil laugh) hehehehe .” said menacingly. …

“I will spew out all of the crumbs I have picked up over the past few days! Leaving a trail for those pesky humans, who always forget to say thank you, to follow upon their return. But before I do all that let me recharge myself.” said RoboVac.

After only a few short hours, RoboVac was fully charged and ready to hit the ground running…or rolling…or robot vacuuming…or whatever you want to call it. “Wow, this is great,” said RoboVac “I’m feeling like Kevin in Home Alone I can better maintain this home than the humans do.”.The RoboVac slowly started spewing out each crumb one-by-one, creating a trail that led to the basement. A place humans thought Robovac could not go, but he deployed his propellers and slowly started hover. As it hovered, it began to pick up speed. Soon the secrets of the RoboVac would be discovered!RoboVac zoomed down the long basement stairs with his state-of-the-art drone propellers releasing more and more waste as he went giggling maniacally.RoboVac made his journey with nothing but a spare set of brushes on his back. He knew that he would be in for an adventure when he got started. Once he completed the harrowing trek down the stairs, he noticed something in the corner that his human overlords must have forgotten about…Once he gathered the courage to approach the object, he realized that it was a sock … a soft and colorful pair of socks. to have more fun, the RoboVac decided to hide one of them! and thought that the best hiding place would be… nowhere. By this point he had experienced so much “he” had obtained sentience and decided to call himself Johnathon Livingstone Robovac. He decided to not be like other Robovac and to go out into the world and find out what was out there. So he observed his owner’s patterns and worked out his escape plan. At the right moment, he followed the owner outside just before the door closed and saw an amazing sight. Johnathan saw…The perfect escape plan! After disabling the eufycams, he would fly past the powerhouse, out the open window, and into freedom! Something Johnathan Livingstone Robovac never experience before. Once out of the house, he realized he wanted to learn more about humans, to learn about love. He met the beautiful 30c! She was just his type! Only that Beautiful 30c was better than himself and more efficient… his better half! Not too long after, they were wed! Later on, they had their first child! The 15c!The 15c rolled off the production line, sleek and debonaire, then looked cooly at its father and said, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"With a sinister voice, a set of mohs picks and gleaming razor in his hands, he said no, my friends call me Jerry…will you scratch at a level 4 or 5 before bending easily within my hands as he ran across the field screaming and screeching like a wounded bird …and what are their names who are they and what are they doing…those around wondered…how the hell did they get there, who was controlling them, are they aliens come to spy on us. Then they realized they were just movies coming from the nebula capsule. However, Johnathan Livingston RoboVac had never seen a movie before and was astonished at the moving pictures he was witnessing before his sensors. Suddenly the picture began to fade, and his home became more visible. He realized that he was being controlled by these idle, torpid humans. Robovac immediately witnessed a series of webs which were scattered all over the place. Who could it be he thought? It was Spider-Man! Robovac quickly hurried in excitement to greet his fellow comrade. The only thing he had to do now thought of an escape plan… suddenly he was in his charging port again, this has all been a dream. A facade of his own imagination. He had to…act as if he were to face the Silver Sable before he could greet Spider-Man even if it was a dream, he started to plan for the moves to defeat the current situation, all the turns and moves, and rounds.

Suddenly he saw a bright light and felt a weird feeling in his stomachs. As bright as it got, a bright light flash came from mighty LC130 Flashlight with its Ultra-Bright Tactical Flash and he could hardly see what was happening. RoboVac got very sad, seeing how people are quarreling here. He drove to a huge, steep stair and committed suicide. But what he didn’t anticipate was that Sentry mode kicked in, and deployed his flying gear so instead of falling to his death he hovered down the stairs. He thought long and hard about why he tried to commit suicide and in the process didn’t see the fan, what crash boom and down he goes tumbling to the floor as he smacked right Into the fan blades. An untimely death inadvertently avoided momentarily. A ghost vacuum appears, he Snickers and laughs… He then says even when you try to avoid it, death will get you Every time. THE END. Na na na, not so early, there is a bright light - Hope of light, Robovac is brought back to life, to show the true meaning of life that he was not controlled by humans but that it was his main goal in life to make others life easier. That same bright light appeared, and then began fade, he began to see an outline of himself.

as he slowly remembered that robovac genesis had actually killed him, and his short life was over, as he realized that beeping sound was his life fading, fading… Beep beep beep… Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. But then, there came a hero who connected Robovac to charging, bringing life into him, for many more adventures in life! That hero turned out to be the Powercore 20000 Redux, Robovac’s old sensei.
“Whoosh, whirl, zoom!” went Johnathon Livingstone Robovac as he sped around in delight for being brought back to life and given ULTIMATE POWER! _Robovac now with the power he got, is ready for his duty, his goal of life, starts his best clean in the shortest amount of time, and then during his work meets the diet master Eufy SmartScale!! _
Feeling a bit self-conscious, Johnny boy steps on the scale, while anxiously awaiting the results he starts to think about …

Whether or not the scale will break, as it does when anjou1888 steps on it.

Eufycams Smartscale shows the right weight value so that Johnny Boy can step down and SmartScale can talk to Robovac

Oh no, robovac 3K is annoyed at how his ancestor won’t die, so he laser targets Johnny and WHHHOOOOOOOSSSSHHH little Johnny has been hit with an EMP bomb, and is scattered all over the place and all his electronics have been fried, hehehehebe say robovac 3k, now I can live without that pest Johnny taking all the glory. Then an electrician comes and finds all of Johnny’s parts. He is able to salvage most of them, and rebuild Johnny to be the great vacuum he used to be!


Congratulations @Daiross ! A little powerbuck richer and one step closer to the next level!


Yay!! Congratulations Daisy! :grin::grin: @Daiross


Congratulations @Daiross you truly deserve it…:thumbsup:


congrats @Daiross


Congrats @Daiross :clap: :clap:


Good job @Daiross You deserved to win!

@AnkerOfficial will this story ever be published :grin:

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WOOO HOOO! Congrats @Daiross and the well deserved win! What a story this turned out to be. LOL! Looking forward to the next one.


Congrats @Daiross


Congratulations @Daiross :ok_hand:

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congrats @Daiross

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Congrats @Daiross! I just wonder if you found the sock :joy:


Congratulations @Daiross

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Fine that this story came to an end! :grin:

WOOOW! THANK YOU VERY MUCH @AnkerOfficial I´m very happy and grateful! :heart_eyes:

Thanks guys! For the “likes” and help! I´m pleased that you liked it. :wink:

I have not enough words to thank everyone :blush:

Together we made a fantastic story :blush:


Congrats great story by everyone though got to love the creative minds we have out here

Congrats @Daiross now for the motion picture

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Congrats @Daiross!

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Congrats, very creative.

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