Consumable open API

It would be nice to have a open REST-API for the Solix products. Its would be a real deal to have an API to get values of your Solix products into Home Assistant or other systems.

I guess the entire ecosystem would really benefits from having an API. Especially the Smart Home Community is heavily using solar panels and some other stuff and you can make them really happy to grant them the ability to reliable consume your data (even when its only read only). To bad an API is not standard for such products since the demand is there.

What are your thopught about that anker? I mean you already have an “closed” API for your app, so whats the reason behind the decision to not activly open it and get all developers onboard?


Hi @Marco_Franke,

Thank you for your suggestion! :smiley:

I would love to see this feature too.

I upvote this idea as well! Really would love to see these values exportable via APIs for home assistant

This would be amazing! It’s exactly what I am looking for with my Solix F3800