Constant disconnection issue with powerkine 3+ 6ft 60W USBC to USBC cable

As the title suggests, the cable started giving issues with random disconnection and not charging messages on Google pixel 7. So I’ve switched to manufacturer provided cable and now there is no random connection issues.
Would be helpful if anker can help me in processing warranty claim. Bought the cable from Amazon India and this is the first anker cable that has failed.

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Claims from anker in India. Perhaps you should talk to Anker India officials.

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Can you help me out in contacting anker India? I tried contacting them via email and phone there was no response even after a month.


@Vasudev_Menon how long have you had the cable?

If less than 1y contact Amazon for a return / replacement, if over a year reach out to who will be able to advise on the best method for replacement as your based in India.

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Just contacted Amazon and they asked for a claim denial document to process the request for full refund. They ask me to check with support phone number provided 18001022239. I only hear to wait until a customer rep connects with you and after 30 sec it simply hangs up or disconnect.

Wanted to really get some pointers from anker reps for more than 2 weeks and help me out.

See this… Definately it should help you. Attach cc copy of mail to anker global.

I tried to paste the link for warranty claims but it goes on main page of website. Try searching about warranty claims on anker india website. For your assistance here are screenshots.!

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